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IUCN global water programme

IUCN global water page: The IUCN Water Programme seeks to bring together its extensive network of members, scientific commissions, government and private sector partners to sustainably develop solutions and initiatives to preserve our water resources. Know more.

WANI toolkits: The IUCN Water and Nature Initiative (WANI) works towards managing and protecting our water reserves and heritage for the future benefit of all. Stretching across 5 continents in 12 river basins, WANI works with governments and local communities to use and manage water resources more sustainably. WANI aims to help reduce poverty and protect the environment by helping people to manage river flows and improving access to all communities. Click to visit page.

eAtlas: This CD provides maps of land cover, population density and biodiversity for 154 basins and sub-basins around the world. It lists indicators and variables for each of these basins and, where appropriate, provides links and references to relevant information. It further contains 20 global maps portraying relevant water resources issues. You will find colored buttons that function as a menu to select individual basins by continent. Each continental menu provides access to interactive maps and lists of basins per continent through which you can access individual basin profiles. There is also a button for the global indicator maps. All basin profiles and global maps can also be downloaded as PDFs. Click to visit page.

Publications: IUCN has a comprehensive ranges of authoritative publications, reports, guidelines and databases water and wetlands. Click to visit page.

Thematic series
: Water is a subject that cuts across different sector. IUCN has a series of publications, papers that deals with themes from other sectors like law, economics, etc in relation to water. Click here to visit page.

Press room: To know about the latest media briefs, event, news, interviews, under the water programme of IUCN,  click here.

Links to collaborative websites between IUCN and partners The Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme (MWBP) was a joint programme of Cambodia , Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam managed by UNDP, IUCN and MRC in collaboration with other key stakeholders. The programme tried to address the most critical issues for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the Mekong wetlands. This website is an open portal for anyone interested in accessing, sharing or discussing information on eFlows.

  • Flow - WANI Toolkit

    Flow - WANI Toolkit

    Photo: IUCN