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Mekong Environmental Symposium 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Transboundary Fish Trade Study Presented at the Mekong Environmental Symposium

IUCN Lao PDR recently put together a team of researchers from Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Thailand to conduct a study on employment generation of the fish trade along one of the three major transboundary routes in the region, between Stung Treng, Cambodia; Champassak, Lao PDR; and Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.    

16 May 2013 | News story

MWD Thailand workshop on nature and environmental laws principles_Bangkok, 22 February 2013

Thai civil society discussed principles of natural resources and environmental laws

Bangkok, 22 February 2013 - Representatives from academia, non-governmental organisations, legal experts and members of the Law Reform Commission of Thailand (LRCT) met to develop a legal reform framework for the integration of laws relating to land, natural resources and the environment l. The meeting was organized by the LRCT, IUCN's Mekong Water Dialogues (MWD), the Asia Foundation and Assembly for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources as part of Development. …  

07 Mar 2013 | News story
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A group of villagers from Mekong River provinces protests in front of the headquarters of Ch Karnchang, the Thai company contracted to build the controversial hydroelectric Xayaburi dam in Laos.

After Xayaburi, it's time for some 'hydro-diplomacy'

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Xayaburi dam in Laos on Nov 7 marked the symbolic end to a long and contentious international campaign to delay the dam's construction until further studies into its potential trans-boundary impacts were complete. …   | Vietnamese

05 Feb 2013 | News story
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Mekong film screening at Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand

Mekong River Development Needs Greater Transparency

New film “Mekong” explores the dynamics of hyrdropower up and down one of the world’s great rivers and takes a balanced views of sensitive’ topics.  

27 Nov 2012 | News story

The Mekong river at the border tripoint of Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos

Hydro-diplomacy: Bridging the gap between science, policy and action

How we use and share water is a complex issue. It involves diverse groups of people such as farmers and fishermen, energy suppliers and developers, all who are competing for a limited and precious resource. Water use issues typically cross natural, social and political boundaries and can be local, national, regional and global in nature. …  

01 Nov 2012 | News story

Brotia armata, a species  from central Thailand

Freshwater species in Indo-Burma region under threat

An assessment of 2,515 described freshwater species in the Indo-Burma region by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and partners has revealed that 13% of these species are threatened with extinction. The report comes at a time when large scale hydrological development is underway, or is proposed, throughout this region which is known for its exceptionally high diversity of freshwater species. …  

22 Aug 2012 | Media advisory

Bornean Orang-utan

IUCN invests in rainforest rehabilitation to offset Congress footprint

To help compensate for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the 2012 World Conservation Congress in Jeju, IUCN has selected a credible, sustainable project for effective offsetting. The project is Infapro, by Face the Future, and is based on improved forest management in Borneo. …  

03 Aug 2012 | News story

SEADocs poster

Southeast Asian Student Documentary Award - Call for Entries

 SEADocs – The Southeast Asian Student Documentary Award is a competition to encourage the art of documentary filmmaking in the region as a platform to engage with pressing social and environmental issues. …   | French

06 Jun 2012 | News story
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Collaboration sign for IWWM dialogue

A dialogue on integrated water and wetlands management among six local authorities in Kang La Wa wetland, Khon Kaen province

 Sixty participants representing six tambon administrative organisations (TAOs) around Kang La Wa wetland gathered on 21–22 May 2012 to develop a collaborative plan for integrated water and wetland management to support various user groups and local livelihoods. The dialogue was supported by MWD Thailand.  

21 May 2012 | News story

The first meeting of the provincial working group on building community and ecosystem resilience to the impacts of climate change

The Kang La Wa wetland conservation and integrated water management dialogue kicks off

On 25 April 2012, MWD Thailand, together with WWF, the Coca Cola Foundation, Khon Kaen University, Region 4 of the Department of Water Resources and other stakeholders in Khon Kaen province, held the first meeting of the provincial working group on building community and ecosystem resilience to the impacts of climate change. The meeting discussed integrated water resource and wetland management at Kang La Wa wetland in Ban Phai district.  

21 May 2012 | News story