We work with partners throughout the Asia region with a view to promoting ecosystem based approaches into climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, food security, and livelihoods programming. Only by adopting a holistic approach, can these multi-dimensional challenges be addressed properly and efforts for enhancing communities’ coping mechanisms be maximised. It is an established fact that ignoring environmental considerations results in compromising the long-term provisions of ecosystem goods and services which underpins resilience and thus human wellbeing.


  • Work together for promoting environmentally sensitive programming for enhancing resilience
  • Use policy analysis, advocacy, institutional strengthening, capacity building and knowledge sharing as tools in achieving our programmatic goals
  • Provide future relevant conservation and development tools by analyzing and appplying lessons learned

IUCN Asia has vast experience of working with government agencies, development organizations, private sector, and conservation groups in order to achieve ecosystem and human wellbeing. Based on lessons learned, we have developed numerous knowledge products, tools, and tailor-made capacity building programmes to incorporate ecosystem based approaches into climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction, food security, and livelihoods initiatives. We also intend to develop joint proposals with other conservation and mainstream development organizations to work towards sustainable human wellbeing – a common goal.