Sustainable coastal and livelihoods management

The Tomini Bay Programme (known locally as Programme Teluk Tomini), also referred to as SUSCLAM (Sustainable Coastal and Livelihoods Management) is a five year programme that ensures community prosperity through equitable and sustainable management of the coastal resources of Tomini Bay.

The Programme’s goal is improved management of coastal and marine resources in Tomini Bay for the benefit of local communities.
Expected Results:

  • Increased collaboration between stakeholders in North Sulawesi, Gorontalo and Central Sulawesi to undertake community based coastal resource management.
  • Increased local capacity for sustainable marine and coastal resource management in order to benefit community livelihoods.
  • An information system to support the sustainable management of natural resources.

Scope of Activities:

  • Support for collaboration between stakeholders to promote an increase in community based marine and coastal ecosystem management in Tomini Bay.
  • Support for livelihood improvements and sustainable locally based management of marine and coastal resources.
  • The development of an information system to support management decision making at all levels.
  • The collation and distribution of lessons learned in the field of community based marine and coastal resources management.
  • The provision of technical and administrative support to develop local capacity.

Tomini Bay:

Tomini bay is one of the largest bays in Indonesia with an extent of around 59,500km2. It is the only bay in the world to be bisected by the equator. Read more

The Tomini Bay Program (known locally as Program Teluk Tomini), also referred to as SUSCLAM (Sustainable Coastal and Livelihoods Management) in a five year Programme (2007-2012) which received funding from the Canadian Government through CIDA (Canadina International Development Agency). The implementing agency is IUCN Asia Regional Office, in partnership with a Canadian organization (Lestari Sustainable Development Consultants Inc.) and an administrative partner in Indonesia - Wetlands International (Indonesian Programme). SUSCLAM also works in partnership with the local NGOs Perkumpilan Japesda in Gorontalo and Tatsan Pusaka Uwelutu in Parigi Moutong.