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Ecosystem/species conservation and restoration Documents and presentations

Local knowledge about marine and coastal issues (Thai)

Overview of coral reefs in Kapoe and Kuraburi (Thai)

Participatory guidelines for seagrass monitoring (Thai)

Seagrass assessment in Kapoe-Kuraburi area (Thai)

Seagrass field guide (English and Thai)

Seagrass monitoring guidelines (Thai)

A field guide to the common marine flora and fauna of Ranong (English)

Mae Nang Khaow nature trail (English)

Mae Nang Khaow brochure (Thai)

  Awareness materials

Ban Bang Hin conserving community seashells in the Kapoe estuary (English)

Ban Bang Soi protecting the water lily in Nang Yon River (English)

Ban Bang Tip conserving community forests in the Kuraburi watershed (English)

Ban Chi Mee Ban Dan and Ban Bang Lam Poo Conserving community mangroves in Kapoe estuary (English)

Ban Fai Tha conserving community protecting the Water Lily in the Na Ca river (English)

Ban Kluay Nok conserving community mangroves (English)

Ban Sam Nak conserving community mangroves in Kapoe estuary (English)

Ban Talay Nok conserving community mangroves (English)

Ban Tha Yang conserving community crabs in the Kapoe estuary (English)

Ban Thung Rak conserving community forests in the Kuraburi watershed (English)

Kapoe watershed (English)

Kuraburi watershed (English)

The Water Lily of Southern Thailand fact sheet (English)

Seagrass in Thailand poster (English and Thai)

About the BMZ project fact sheet (Thai)

Ban Pong river and Nang Yon river after dredging (Thai)

Impact of river dredging (Thai)

Kapoe fact sheet (Thai)

Kuraburi fact sheet (Thai)

Kuraburi sign board 1 (Thai)

Kuraburi sign board 2 (Thai)

Mae Nang Khaow fact sheet (Thai)

River dredging fact sheet (Thai)

River monitoring of Nang Yon river (Thai)

Seagrass fact sheet (Thai)

Venus shell conservation sign board (Thai)

Water Lilly brochure (Thai)

Water Lily fact sheet 1 (Thai)

Water Lily fact sheet 2 (Thai)

Watershed fact sheet (Thai)


Species identification handbook for seabirds in mangroves and coastal areas (Thai)

Taking care of wetlands (Thai)


Ecosystems of north Phang Nga and Ranong (English)

Ecosystems of the BMZ project area, Thailand (English)

Ecology of the Kuraburi area (English)

Extent of occurrence of the endemic Water Lily (English)

Extent of occurrence of Water Onion (English)

Kapoe watershed (English)

Kuraburi watershed (English)

Mapping perimeters for the BMZ project (English)

Protected areas in the BMZ project area (English)

Protected areas and relics of Kuraburi (English)

Wildlife and plant protection in Kuraburi (English)

BMZ project area and sites (Thai)

Extent of occurrence of Water Onion (Thai)

Kapoe watershed (Thai)

Kuraburi watershed (Thai)

Map of the BMZ project area and sites (Thai)

  Case studies

The Water Lily: a flagship species for local to global conservation (English)

Biodiversity for the people by the people

Strengthening local Livelihoods Documents and presentations

Participatory seagrass monitoring an example from southern Thailand (English)

Participatory seagrass monitoring using an integrated approach that combines scientific and local knowledge (English)

The stateless Thais of Bang Lam Poo (English)

BMZ socio economic assessment report (Thai)

Lessons learned - the North Andaman community tourism network (English)

The North Andaman community tourism network strengthening local practice and sharing lessons learned (English)

BMZ CBO's newsletter, Vol 1 (Thai)

BMZ CBO's newsletter, Vol 2 (Thai)


Fisheries in Kuraburi (English)

Villages engaged in the BMZ project (English)

Villages of the Na Ca area (English)

Villages of the Kuraburi area (English)

Villages of the Kapoe area (English)

  Case studies Youth groups: exemplifying the reef to ridge approach (English)  
Institutional capacity development and partnership building Documents and presentations

A tool kit for protecting the environment and natural resources in Kuraburi, Phang Nga


Conservation Groups and Networks - Kapoe (English)

Conservation Groups and Networks - Kuraburi (English)

Community rules and community forests in Kuraburi (English)

Zoning in Kuraburi (English)

Case studies Community networking: a tool for circumventing weak governance in southern Thailand
Documentation related to the process Documents and presentations

Implementing an ecosystem approach to coastal management with community based organizations an example from Thailand (English)

Demonstrating ecosystem rehabilitation and management using an reef to ridge approach: Field experience from the North Andaman Coast (English)

The reef to ridge approach of the BMZ project in Thailand (English)

BMZ sustainable financing strategy thailand

Case studies Protecting and conserving vs. replanting and rehabilitation