1. Background:
IUCN is developing links with businesses in order to better deliver its mission of engaging with each sector of society to encourage and influence the movement towards the fair and sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources. Within this scenario, IUCN India has made small but significant steps forward in its engagement with the private sector. The country programme has incorporated private sector engagement into its strategic framework for the intersessional period 2009-2012 and has established initial contacts with national chambers of commerce and industry and a select number of individual companies.

2. IUCN and Holcim

IUCN at the global level has entered into a five year partnership with Holcim for biodiversity conservation. The strategic objectives of the collaboration between the Parties are to:

a) Review and assess the approach of the Holcim Group to biodiversity conservation management, establish a baseline, and develop a more comprehensive corporate biodiversity policy and strategy for the Holcim Group.

b) Explore, identify and develop joint initiatives of mutual interest and benefits, particularly those supporting sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation.

c) Promote good practice by sharing the learning with the wider industry and conservation communities.

3. IUCN and ACC (Holcim) India
IUCN and ACC Limited in India are in the process of working towards identifying areas of work that fit within the above strategic objectives. Within the global mandate and in order to strengthen its efforts in the field of biodiversity conservation, early in 2009, ACC approached IUCN India to seek guidance and assistance in determining specific biodiversity conservation activities that could be undertaken at its Gagal plant located in Himachal Pradesh. IUCN India is defining the engagement concept with ACC.