Water and Wetlands


Water and Wetlands
Title Tờ rơi giới thiệu về Chương trình Đối thoại sông Mê-kông
Author: IUCN
Date Mar 2010
Title:   Quản trị nước
 Author:  IUCN
 Date  2009
Title: LNV MARD Water for Food and Ecosystems strategy
Date: June 2009
Title: Overview of Wetlands status In Viet Nam following 15 Years of Ramsar convention implementation
Tộng quan Hiện trạng Đất ngập nước Việt Nam sau 15 năm thực hiện công ước RAMSAR
Date: 2005
Title: Value, Counting Ecosystems as an Economic Part of Water
Author: Lucy Emerton and Elroy Bos-;Gland, Switzerland, IUCN
Date: 2004
Title: Economic Valuation of Demonstration Wetland Sites in Viet Nam
Author: Mai Trong Nhuan, Nguyen Huu Ninh, Luong Quang Huy, Do Dinh Sam, Tran Hong Ha, Ngo Cam Thanh, Bui Kim Oanh, Dang Thuy Nga, Nguyen Ngoc Son, Ngo Quang Du.
Date: April 2003
Title: Integrating Environmental Values into Resources Allocation - Mekong River Commission's Approach in the Lower Mekong Basin
Author: Robyn Johnston, Petrina Rowcroft, Kent G. Hortle and Charltte Mc. Allister-Mekong river commission- Cambodia
Date: 2003
Title: Guidelines for Economic Effects and Evaluation in EIA
Author: David James, Ecoservices Pty,Ltd; Robert Gillespie, Gillespie Economics
Date: November 2002
Title: Emerging Markets for Environmental Services
Author: Martin Van Bueren, RIRDC, Australia
Date: November 2001
Title: Valuation of the Mangrove Ecosystems in Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve
Định giá Kinh tế Rừng ngập mặn Cần Giờ, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Author: Phan Nguyen Hong, Nguyen Hoang Tri, Do van Nhuong, Nguyen The Chinh
Date: 2000
Title: Creating Markets for Ecosystem Services
Author: Murtough Greg; Barbara Aretino; Anna Matysek - Austraulia
Date: 2002
Title: Rapid Appraisal of the Economic Benefits and Costs of Nutrient Management
Author: Read Sturgess and Associates Consulting Economists
Date: August 2000
Title: Economic Tools for Valuing Wetlands in Eastern Africa
Các công cư kinh tế để định giá đất ngập nước ở Đông Phi
Author: Lucy Emerton - IUCN - Eastern Africa Region
Date: 1998
Title: Environmental Valuation, A Worldwide Compendium of Case Studies
Author: Hussein Abaza, Jenifer Rietberge - Mc Cracken - USA
Date: 1998
Title: Economic Valuation of Wetlands, A Guide for Policy Makers and Planners
Định giá kinh tế Đất ngập nước: Tài liệu hướng dẫn cho các nhà hoạch định chính sách
Author: Edward B. Barbier, Mike Acreman, Duncan Knowler, Gland, Switzerland
Date: 1997
Title: Case Studies in Wetlands Valuation - Part 1
Case Studies in Wetlands Valuation - Part 2
Author: DFID, IUCN
Date: May 2003
   Environmental Flows
Title: The 2nd Southeast Asia Water Forum in Denpasar, Bali
Author: IUCN
Date: September 2005
Title: Rapid Environmental Flow Assessment for the Huong River Basin, Central Viet Nam
Đánh giá nhanh dòng chảy môi trường cho lưu vực Sông Hương, Miền trung Việt Nam
Author: J. Illaszewics, IUCN- VN
Date: December 2004
Title: FLOW, The Essentials of Environmental Flows
Author: Megan Dyson,Ger Bergkamp,John Scanlon- UK-IUCN
Date: 2003
Title: VALUE, Counting Ecosystems as a Part of Water Infrastructure
Author: Lucy Emerton and Blroy Bos - Gland,Switzerland, IUCN
Date: 2004
Title: Environmental Flows in Viet Nam: Healthy Rivers for All
Author: IUCN

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