What is MRWD?

The “Mekong Region Water Dialogues” (MRWD) is a programme initiated by IUCN and regional partners to support improved water governance in the Mekong region, specifically Viet Nam, Lao, Cambodia and Thailand.
What are the goal and objectives of MRWD?

The overall goal of MRWD is to facilitate the participation of stakeholders (from government, business and civil society) in a transparent and participative water governance and decision-making process to promote livelihood security, human and ecosystem health in the Mekong Region. To achieve the overall goal, MRWD also sets out 3 specific objectives:

  • Promote the participation of relevant stakeholders in water-related decision making processes;
  • Provide information to stakeholders and create opportunities for them to participate in water dialogues; and
  • Enable different perspectives about Mekong Region water-related development and governance to be openly shared and accounted for in decision making processes.

What are the organizational settings of MRWD Viet Nam Component?

The Viet Nam Component is coordinated and facilitated by IUCN, in close collaboration with the programme’s key partner – the Department of Water Resources Management (DWRM) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). Each year, the Viet Nam component will conduct a number of case-studies and organize national dialogue(s) on urgent water governance issues in the country and, when appropriate, host the regional dialogue. 

Who will join IUCN to implement MRWD activities?

For each country, a National Working Group (NWG) will be established with about 10 members representing  the government, private sector, civil society, donors, universities and research institutions. The NWG will shape the agenda for the national dialogues and help establish connections with decision- and policy-makers, ultimately to promote improved water governance in their countries, as well as in the Mekong Region.

What is the approach of MRWD in Viet Nam?

A typical feature of the MRWD is the participation of stakeholders in programme development and delivery, to ensure its practicability and effectiveness. Specifically:

  • Each year, the NWG will select the most urgent water governance issues to be studied and results will be used as input to the national dialogue(s);
  • The national dialogues are multi-stakeholder in nature, with participation of policy-makers from relevant sectors and ministries and representatives of businesses, civil society organizations, universities, research institutions, community and mass media etc.;
  • The dialogues’ contents – including discussions, conclusions and recommendations – will be documented in reports and policy papers to be disseminated to relevant authorities; and
  • At each national dialogue, issues for the next dialogue, as well as participation and contribution of Viet Nam to the regional dialogue will be decided.

What are the expected outputs of MRWD Viet Nam Component?

  •  Improve awareness and participation of stakeholders in water-related decision-making processes to effectively promote livelihood security, and human and ecosystem health;
  • Encourage the use of a multi-stakeholder dialogue approach at various levels (local, national and regional) in decision-making processes of different sectors; and
  • Develop a mechanism for promoting the participation of business and civil society in the dialogue process, and improve awareness of in-country and regional stakeholders on corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER).