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Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan -  Director of the Hai Phong Department of Foreign Affairs - discussing at the meeting

Ha Long-Cat Bay Alliance Second Leadership Committee Meeting

The second meeting of the Ha Long-Cat Ba Alliance Leadership Committee was held in Hai Phong on December 3, 2015. (The first was held in Ha Long in May 2015, see LINK). The meeting was chaired by Susan Sutton, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Hanoi and Le Khac Nam, Vice-Chair of the Hai Phong People's Committee. In her opening remarks, Ms. Sutton observed that transboundary management, such as between Quang Ninh Province and Hai Phong City over the Ha Long Bay-Cat Ba Archipelago marine ecosystem, is inherently complicated and often requires solutions involving both business and government. She pointed out that both have responsibilities: the cruise boat companies that operate in the bay must meet at a minimum comply with environmental regulations while government should reinvest a significant portion of the millions of dollars in entrance fees into environmental protection - and (as many TripAdvisor reviews say) be seen to do so.  …  

15 Jan 2016 | Article
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Participants discussing with extensive mangroves based shrimp farmers

Mangroves and shrimp: A comparison of China and Vietnam experiences

As part of MFF's Sino-Vietnam Initiative, a workshop in Hanoi and a field trip in Quang Ninh were organized from November 27-28, 2015 for a group of Vietnamese and Chinese mangrove specialists and Quang Ninh provincial officials. The purpose was to compare the state of mangrove-based shrimp farming in the neighboring provinces of Quang Ninh, Viet Nam and Guangxi, China, and to share lessons learned. …  

31 Dec 2015 | Article
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The film was shown at Lotte Cinema Saigon South

IUCN Viet Nam and Lotte Cinema joined efforts in carrying out an awareness raising programme on marine turtle conservation in Viet Nam

Within the framework of the cooperation between IUCN and WE Media Company, a community awareness program on wildlife protection that focuses on Sea Turtle Conservation has been implemented. As part of this program, a short film about sea turtle conservation has been shown in Lotte Cinemas before the screening of main films. …  

30 Dec 2015 | News story
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Journalists interviewing Vung Vieng cooperatives on the activities that are carried out towards the sustainable development of Ha Long Bay

Communications and media engagement to promote sustainable aquaculture practices in Ha Long Bay

On 16-17 October 2015, the Center for People and Nature (PanNature) and the Centre for Research and Conservation of Marine Community Development (MCD) in collaboration with the Quang Ninh DARD have organized a 2-day training workshop on “Communications and media engagement to promote integrated management approaches for the sustainable development of Ha Long Bay”.    | Vietnamese

10 Nov 2015 | News story
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Mr. Dang Huy Hau – Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh People’s Committee announced the formation of Ha Long Association for Environmental Education and Protection

Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance promotes better community's behavior towards coastal environment protection

On 23 September, 2015 MCD in cooperation with the Quang Ninh Youth Union and the Ha Long Bay Management Board held the launching ceremony of the campaign “Community Coastal Cleanup and Ha Long Association for Environmental Education and Protection” in Ha Long city. Over 3.000 people participated in the Coastal Cleanup activity, including young people, community members and government representatives. A painting contest on environmental issues and other community outreach activities were organized across Quang Ninh province and Cua Van area.  …   | Vietnamese

10 Nov 2015 | News story
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Sargasso Sea

IUCN and UNESCO explore how World Heritage can protect the high seas

Watch this video to learn why IUCN has joined forces with UNESCO’s Marine World Heritage Programme to explore how the World Heritage Convention could protect the high seas. …  

04 Nov 2015 | Article

Mr. Bui Thanh Cong, shrimp farming's owner in Tra Vinh Province, a beneficiary of SGF/MFF

A model shrimp farm in the Mekong Delta

Bui Thanh Cong took up shrimp farming after his retirement. The move was not unusual. In the past decade, many people from his province of Tra Vinh have begun taking up shrimp farming, Viet Nam’s newest cash cow. Cong owns around nine hectares of land. Like his neighbours, Cong's production is mostly reliant on intensive farming which is extremely unsustainable because it clears away mangroves and is heavily dependent on chemical inputs. Cong’s production took a turn, however, when he agreed to be part of a pilot project to explore alternative technologies for environmentally friendly shrimp farming.  …   | Vietnamese

22 Sep 2015 | Article
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A shrimp farmer's hut stands near a pond in Tra Vinh Province, Viet Nam

Shrimp Farming: Problem or Solution?

In Viet Nam's Tra Vinh Province, located in the Mekong Delta, poly-culture methods are helping mangroves make a come-back. Viet Nam’s Mekong Delta region is one of the most productive regions in Asia. Located at the south-western tip of the country, this rich patch of land is where the Mekong River drains to the South China Sea. Around 17 million people live in the area, which makes up about a fourth of Viet Nam’s rice agriculture area, and contributes half its fisheries output. People’s reliance on this area of land is significant, not just within Viet Nam, but around the world—this is where a considerable amount of the world’s rice and shrimp supplies originates.
  …   | Vietnamese

22 Sep 2015 | Article
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Recent floods in Tien Hai village, Cat Ba

Ha Long - Cat Ba Alliance continues its support to improve the environmental protection in Ha Long - Cat Ba after the flood

On behalf of the Ha Long-Cat Ba Alliance, USAID, IUCN and MCD have sent a letter to Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee to extend their sympathy and solidarity following the heavy rains and flooding that have hit Quang Ninh Province and have caused extensive damage and loss of life. …   | Vietnamese

14 Aug 2015 | News story
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Newly born marine turtles in Con Dao National Park

Final list of volunteers participating in marine turtle conservation programme in Hon Cau Marine Protected Areas

On behalf of organizers, IUCN would like to express our sincere thanks for your application in our marine turtle conservation volunteer programme 2015 in Hon Cau Marine Protected Areas. …  

24 Jun 2015 | Jobs - call for proposals


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  • Training workshop for 300 fishermen on marine turtle conservation and habitat protection
  • Global Forum on Oceans, Islands and Coastal Areas – April
  • Public awareness and education program on sea turtle conservation in Quang Tri Province– March


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