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A participant talking with IUCN GIS specialist

Hydrodiplomacy training: more exciting than it sounds

Spending two days learning about international water law sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. But the training course on hydrodiplomacy that IUCN and the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) organized in Hanoi on September 18-19 turned out to be unusually stimulating. …   | Vietnamese

06 Oct 2014 | Article
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Dr Truong Thi Quoc Khanh - permenant Deputy of the National Assembly’s Commission on Science, Technology, and Environment - presented at the workshop

Problems in enforcing environmental law and ensuring environmental rights for legal aid beneficiaries

Rights of legal aid beneficiaries and environmental rights: Article 34 of Decree No. 7/CP dated 12/1/2007 on guidelines for implementing 2006 Law on legal aid stipulates: poor people, policy supported groups and other marginalized groups are entitled to legal aid services in eight fields, including environmental law. …   | French | Vietnamese

30 Dec 2012 | Article
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HCM Political Academy staff presenting at the Hanoi workshop

Policy barriers to cleaner environment in Viet Nam

Since 2008, IUCN has cooperated with the Vietnam Institute of Human Rights (VIHR), one of 10 or so institutions that make up the Ho Chi Minh Political Academy on a range of environmental governance projects. IUCN’s interest in working with the VIHR lies primarily in the fact that every year it trains 500-700 government officials who need to pass in order to get promoted. In a one party state that regards independent action by non-state actors with suspicion, such cooperation offers the opportunity to broaden the knowledge and (hopefully) change the attitudes of Vietnam’s future leaders. …   | Vietnamese

29 Dec 2012 | Article
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Journalists interviewing water specialist on the field trip

Training journalists in the Mekong Delta

On December 5-7, IUCN Viet Nam organized a media training course the water resources management issues in Mekong Delta for 15 journalists. It was held in Dong Thap Province and included a field trip to Sa Rai Town, Tan Hong District, Dong Thap Province. The course was supported by the IUCN-coordinated Mekong Water Dialogues (MWD) and U.N. Democracy Fund (UNDEF). …   | Vietnamese

28 Dec 2012 | Article
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Students checking water quality of the lake

Youth leadership training programme on environmental protection and climate change in Viet Nam

Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR) is conducting a training programme for youth leadership on environment protection and climate change in Viet Nam from 24 November 2012 to 1 January 2013. The training programme will be organzied in Soc Son District for 3 days and following by 3 weeks of implementing small scale projects in Ha Noi. The programme is applied to interested students from different universities and colleges in Hanoi. For details of training programme and application requirements, please click HERE This is one of activities under a project "Youth leadership school for environmental protection and climate change in Viet Nam" jointly funded by United States Embassy in Hanoi and The World Conservation Union (IUCN) in Viet Nam through the financial support of United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).

29 Oct 2012 | News story
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Sign requesting visitors to dispose of their trash in the approved place, Nha Trang Bay

Please dispose of your trash…

“Please dispose of your trash in the approved place” the sign said, neatly summarizing many of the problems with environmental management in Vietnam. First, what and where is the “approved place”? No information is provided. Second, there were no trash cans for people to use. And third, no one present was responsible for making sure that trash was disposed of properly. The sign, which provides vague guidance, no practical support, and no enforcement, encapsulates the problems facing environmental management in Viet Nam. The steep slope that ran down to the sea was, of course, covered with trash.   …   | Vietnamese

16 Aug 2012 | Article
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Vietnam delegates meet with IUCN’s Dr. Robert Mather, Head, South East Asia Group

5th IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum: some highlights

Together with a delegation drawn from IUCN’s five Vietnamese State and NGO members led by MONRE Vice-Minister Tran Hong Ha, I attended IUCN’s Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) in Incheon, Korea on September 27-29, 2011. This RCF, which was attended by over 600 participants, was the ninth of the 11 regional forums that IUCN will organize in the run up to the World Conservation Congress (WCC) that will take place in Jeju, Korea in September 2012. Here are some of the presentations and interventions that caught my attention. …   | Vietnamese

18 Oct 2011 | News story

Group discussion at training workshop in Can Tho Province

Promoting the role of local environmental NGOs: a long road ahead

IUCN and the Vietnam Institute of Human Rights (VIHR) organized a workshop on August 23-24, 2011 in Hoa Binh to get feedback on a training manual entitled Human Rights-based Approaches to Environmental Protection. A similar workshop was held on August 29-30 in Can Tho. Both workshops were funded by IUCN’s UNDEF-funded project Promoting Active Participation of Civil Society in Environment Governance. …   | Vietnamese

05 Oct 2011 | News story

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Ly - CECR Director introduced a report on Hanoi lakes at the launch

Hanoi lakes’ website enters the final round of “Bui Xuan Phai - for the love of Hanoi” award

On June 30, 2011, the Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR), with support from International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the U.N. Democracy Fund (UNDEF), launched a website ( on the condition of lakes in six districts in Hanoi. …   | Vietnamese

21 Sep 2011 | News story

Main view of VIHR Office

Influencing tomorrow’s government leaders toward environmental protection and monitoring

As part of its long-term goal of promoting public participation in environmental protection in Vietnam, IUCN is working with the Vietnamese Institute of Human Rights (VIHR) to develop and deliver a training manual on the links between the environment and human rights. VIHR is part of the Hanoi-based Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration, which trains 400 full-time and over 2,000 part-time senior government officials every year and 500-600 students for MS and PhD degrees. Working with VIHR is therefore an opportunity to influence the attitudes and behavior of tomorrow’s government leaders toward the inclusion of civil society in environmental protection and monitoring. …   | Vietnamese

22 Aug 2011 | News story