Knowledge Management in the IUCN Asia Region Programme

03 August 2011 | Article

A knowledge management study was undertaken in the IUCN Asia Region to review the knowledge management needs and practices to help deliver the Asia Region Programme. A full report and action plan have been developed based on the surveys undertaken in October – November 2010. 

The knowledge management study was undertaken by Rod Abson, Knowledge Management Officer in the Science and Knowledge Management Unit of IUCN from the 25th of October to 12th of November 2010, as part of a comprehensive review of IUCN’s knowledge management needs and practices.

The overview questions being addressed by the mission were:
• What are the knowledge management needs to deliver the Asia Region programme?
• How can the knowledge management practices be targeted to deliver the information and knowledge in a format and time effectively for programme and project managers?

The report is based on:
• 30 staff interviewed directly, and 4 staff who completed the survey online (totalling 9 countries from: Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam);
• A field trip to Sri Lanka for the Mangroves for the Future Regional Steering Committee meeting, associated meetings and field trip to the Mangroves of Maduganga Estuary, and meeting with the Ecosystems and Livelihoods Group office in Colombo;
• A field trip to Northern Thailand, near Chiang Rai, to observe field sites under the Landscapes and Livelihoods Strategy around Doi Mae Salom.

A series of recommendations focusing on People, Processes and Technology were developed as a result of the study and are being implemented through an Asia Region Programme Knowledge Management Action Plan drawing on diverse components of IUCN throughout the Asia Region and globally. Click here for the full report .