The in-country operational relationship between IUCN and the Government of Sri Lanka commenced in August 1988 with the establishment of IUCN Country Office in Colombo. The presence of IUCN in Sri Lanka was based on a Memorandum of Agreement signed with the Government of Sri Lanka.


In the context of IUCN’s mission, the role of the IUCN Country Programme in Sri Lanka is to be a facilitator of conservation action. It plays a catalytic role, and offers effective platforms to promote dialogue and discussion among the various partners engaged in conservation work. It also provides opportunities for the practical application of methodologies developed through the Union’s scientific networks to support the conservation initiatives of member and partners of IUCN in Sri Lanka.


The emphasis of the Programme is to support sustainable natural resource initiatives of the Union’s members and partners in Sri Lanka, in biodiversity conservation, conservation and management of critical habitats, environmental policy support, institutional support and environmental education and awareness. 


Shamen Vidanage

Programme Coordinator

IUCN Sri Lanka Programme,