The Sindh Strategy for Sustainable Development (SSSD) proposes a ten year sustainable development agenda for Sindh. Its purpose is to highlight the ecological, economic and social issues of the province and to provide recommendations and strategic actions to address them. The strategy promotes the sustainable use of natural resources to achieve the objectives of poverty alleviation and social development through the participation of the people of Sindh.

It is now widely acknowledged that economic uplift can only be achieved through adopting participatory processes that link the environment, development, and human elements of a particular area. The SSSD has been developed in response to the increasing depletion of natural resources and rise in poverty in the province. It is intended to serve as a framework that integrates the issues of both constraints and provides solutions without compromising associated objectives. It advocates good governance as its main theme and recommends institutional capacity building and using the participatory process during decision-making. Implementing these concepts in an integrated and holistic manner will ensure ownership, efficiency, and the sustainability of future projects.

This publication is intended to be a living document, which should evolve with the changing scenario. The strategy should be reviewed and revised every three years, incorporating lessons learned during implementation. This will help to refine and redirect the implementation process as needed.

It is hoped that the SSSD will not only provide a framework for a prosperous Sindh, but will ultimately result in the diffusion of this prosperity to the whole of Pakistan.