D.I. Khan IDV is a result of recommendations articulated by the NCS and SPCS on the need for devolved decision making. The process of IDV formulation involved public consultations at various levels, which helped prioritize problems (issues in order of preference: drinking water, health, education in social sector; and water, agriculture, livestock, rangelands and fisheries in the natural resource front) and recommendations. The endeavor provided a coherent, long term sustainable development plan for D.I. Khan, that integrates both socio-economic and environmental imperatives. It takes stock of the natural resources and opportunities available in the district, and explores ways and means of increasing productivity on a sustainable basis. However, the IDV requires good governance, enabling policy, human development, effective coordination amongst stakeholders, ownership of plan, and involvement of women in mainstream development, amongst other things. In this regard, various committees and participatory planning mechanism have been designed, including Dera Development Forum and sector-specific committees.