The QSIDV is among the first in the province of Balochistan. The Vision is organized according to priorities identified by the people.  It is the people’s vision for their future, of the quality of life they aspire towards and the progressive milestones they would like to achieve. The first four blocks are on governance; people and their development needs; the natural resource base on which livelihoods depend; and potential for economic development in the district. The following three blocks are on information and communication, future projects and programmes and implementation arrangements. The Vision is hinged on certain principles, including participation of communities, gender equity in policy and programmes, people and environment friendly development. The districts priorities include institutional and human capacity; promotion of collective interest; effective, efficient and equitable public services (education, health, housing, water supply, sanitation, energy and communication); sustainable agricultural practices, rangelands and forest management; increased livelihood opportunities and information management.