Gwadar district, in the province of Balochistan, stands at the threshold of rapid change. Recent years have seen massive investment in the development of a deep-sea port and the construction of the Mekran Coastal Highway, as well as plans to establish an Export Free Zone.

This Integrated Development Vision (IDV) outlines a long-term development agenda for the district of Gwadar. Its goal is to ensure a better and safer environment for the economic prosperity and social well-being of the people of the district.

The document is divided into eight chapters. The first two chapters provide background information about the district, explain the rationale and requirements of the local government system, and highlight the salient features of the history and geography of Gwadar. The remaining chapters focus on issues related to various sectors of the economy, explore opportunities for expansion, outline a strategy for coherent planning, and spell out an action plan with an implementation framework.

With this IDV, the district government identifies areas for future investment, and aims to manage the transformation of Gwadar from a marginalised rural society to an economically vibrant industrial and commercial community.

The process was guided by the Integrated Development Vision Committee of the district government. Consultations were also held at the sub-divisional and district levels, to crystallise the vision. The Gwadar IDV incorporates the views of village elders, community members, elected representatives, civil society organisations and women from all four sub-divisions, as well as government functionaries. As such, it represents the collective vision of the people of Gwadar.