The manual is based on the curricular guidelines of the Primary Teachers’ Certificate (PTC)course which is usually offered in the elementary colleges of Education. The curriculum of PTC carries a unit on environmental education for more than a decade, however there was no specific teaching and learning material available throughout the country for teachers and students. The Bureau of Curriculum, Quetta, which is the apex institution for teacher education and curriculum development in the province has taken the lead on this. The current publication is an outcome of the collaboration between BoC Quetta and IUCNP’ office in Balochistan, which motivated BoC to integrate environment and sustainable development into its programmes and materials. The manuals is authored by Mr. Mohammed Asghar ex staff of BoC and it is developed with the technical and financial support of IUCN Pakistan. The manual provides a valuable resource for teachers and students of PTC due to its relevance to the context of Balochistan and the use of Urdu language. Maholiyat Taleem (PTC Manual - Urdu)