To take the ESD conference forward, IUCN Pakistan organized a national conference on ESD in 2007, in collaboration with UNESCO. The aim of the conference was to bring together stakeholders to debate and discuss the importance and relevance of ESD in the promotion of sustainable development in Pakistan. The workshop considered the linkages between ecology, economy and society and emphasis was placed in learning from global best practices to take the sustainable development agenda forward, develop linkage with key partners and focus on required skills and processes to market sustainable lifestyles. The conference highlighted linkages between ESD and five key sectors (formal education, civil society, private sector, media, and Information and Communication Technologies), through focused workshops that were conducted concurrently with the conference. Each group shared recommendations with the plenary, where an action plan was also devised for the future. Some of the recommendations shared include creating a pool of trainers for ESD; incorporating ESD in the curriculum; conducting academic evaluation; adopting an inter-sectoral approach, effective communication methodologies, community based projects, and certification; enforcing law; raising awareness; conducting environmental accounting and research activities; giving economic incentives; and ensuring an active medium role and public-private partnerships.