Sindh Coastal Community Development Project

Results (Goal, objectives, outcomes and outputs)

To improve the sustainable livelihood of the poor inhabitants of eight coastal talukas of Thatta and Badin districts.

i. To diversify household income generation options and access to service in ways sustainable to the fragile ecosystem.
ii. To improve coastal zone management by stabilizing environmental degradation, protecting coastal areas from accelerated coastal erosion.
iii. To strengthen institutional capabilities for coastal zone planning and development and management of fisheries resource.

Project Focus
SCCDP is being implemented in Badin and Thatta districts of Sindh province, Pakistan. The Project is working towards increasing income, access to public services and capacity of local communities (who are mostly agriculturalists and fishermen) to manage the natural resource base on which they live. The Project also strives to improve conditions of coastal forestry and fisheries, as well as improve coastal zone management. The cross cutting themes being addressed are gender, climate change and disaster risk reduction.

Improved, ecologically sustainable earnings and access to public services for poor residents of the eight coastal Talukas (sub-districts) of Thatta and Badin Districts

i. Sustainable community managed income generating mangrove stands, pond/raft fisheries, and shell fisheries established
ii. Transparent and accountable community driven mechanisms for identification, implementation and operations and maintenance of civil works and public services in place

• Sindh Coastal Development Authority (CDA)
• District Government of Thatta
• District Government of Badin
• Forest Department, Government of Sindh
• Livestock & Fisheries Department, Government of Sindh
• National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)
• International Union for Conservation of Nature, Pakistan

Role of IUCN Pakistan
In the role of consultant, IUCN Pakistan will be working very closely with National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) and Sindh Forest and Fisheries departments, for Project implementation. IUCNP is tasked with the planning and implementation of community planting and management of mangroves, and environmental assessment of aquaculture in the coastal areas of Thatta and Badin districts. In addition to this, IUCN Pakistan has been assigned the task of raising awareness amongst community members (including local schools and those not related to fishing), partners and relevant stakeholders (including government officials, policy makers and media).

Focal Points

Sindh CDA
Focal person:    Mohammad Umar Memon
Designation:      Project Director

Focal person:    Ghulam Mustafa Jamro
Designation:      Regional Coordinator

IUCN Pakistan

Focal person:    Ghulam Qadir Shah
Designation:      NRM Coordinator

Sindh Fisheries Department

Focal person:    Khawar Parvez Awan   
Designation:      Deputy Director

Sindh Forest Department

Focal person:    Agha Tahir Hussain
Designation:     DFO-Coastal Forest Division

Geographic coverage
Thatta and Badin Districts.

December 2008 to December 2013

Budget & Donor
RS. 44.05 Millions {IUCNP} (Total US$ 42.7 M)
Asian Development Bank / Government of Sindh (GoS)

Mr. Mohammad Umar Memon
Project Director
Sindh Coastal Community Development Project
Government of Sindh
Bungalow No.C-130, Clifton
Block 2

Muhammad Tahir Qureshi, Senior Advisor Coastal Ecosystem
Coastal & Marine Program.
IUCN Pakistan

Ghulam Qadir Shah
NRM Coordinator
IUCN Pakistan