Establishment of Biodiversity Park in Area Development Scheme, Tehsil Murree

To protect and sustain the park as a protected landscape and the associated nature conservation and other values created by interactions with humans through traditional management practices.

1. To maintain a balanced interaction of nature and culture through the protection of landscape and associated traditional management approaches, societies, cultures and spiritual values.

2. To meet the obligations under international treaties ratified by the government including Convention on Biodiversity, Kyoto protocol and Millennium Development goals under Agenda 21.

3. To contribute to broad-scale conservation by maintaining species associated with landscape and by providing conservation opportunities in heavily used landscape.

4. To provide opportunities for enjoyment, well-being and socio-economic activity through recreation and tourism consistent with life style and economic activities.

5. To provide natural products and environmental services.

6. To provide a framework to underpin active involvement by the community in the management of valued landscape and the natural and cultural heritage that they contain.

7. To encourage the conservation of agro-biodiversity.

8. To act as models of sustainability so that lessons can be learnt for wider application. 

•    Environment Protection Department, Government of the Punjab
•    Housing, Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department, Government of the Punjab
•    Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department, Government of the Punjab

22nd March, 2010 to 30th June, 2014

Budget & Donor
Budget: PKR 92,982,000
Donor: Environment Protection Department, Government of the Punjab

Geographic Coverage
Tehsil Murree

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