The history of SPCS implementation comprises three phases i.e. the first phase (1992-95) was the strategy formulation phase, the 2nd one (1995-98) was the transition to implementation phase and the 3rd phase (1998-2001) was the Operationalization of SPCS through institutional straightening and capacity building of partner organizations. The final and exit phase of support to SPCS (2001-2004), aims at building necessary institutional and human capacities to foster implementation of SPCS, mainstream environmental and sustainable development concerns in development planning and implementation by various stakeholders in NWFP and to increase ownership of SPCS amongst the population and institutions of the province through the following sub-objectives.

  • Facilitating, reforming & strengthening of key institutions (structures/systems/procedures/policies etc)
  • Developing skills of individuals and relevant parts of organization of the above institutions
  • Securing finances for large scale SPCS implementation; and
  • Generating, managing and promoting use of sustainable development related knowledge for informed decision making.

The objectives of the project are being achieved through a broad framework encompassing the following six focus areas:

    1. Institutional Strengthening
    2. Development of Core Competencies
    3. Mobilizing Finances
    4. Knowledge Management
    5. Decentralize Planning
    6. Networking, Catalyzing and Advocacy

During the current phase the SPCS Support Project under the overall project framework, will provide technical support to the following sectors

  • Development Planning,
  • Urban / Industrial Development,
  • Forestry; and
  • Agriculture

The major targets under various focus areas within the overall framework of SPCS-IV are:

  • A well thought out transition-cum-exit strategy
  • Guidelines / manuals / checklists for environmental screening in select sub-sectors
  • Operationalization of skills development plan for key SPCS-IV partners
  • To establish and operationalize the provincial Fund for Sustainable Development (FSD) as per PEPA-97
  • To establish a high level Provincial Sustainable Development Council (PSDC) to oversee the implementation of SPCS
  • District conservation strategy documents to be approved, launched and institutional homes for both the strategies identified