Transport Related Solutions

01 June 2012 | News story

02 Kilograms of CO2 emissions can be prevented by avoiding daily use of private car*

What can you change?
Walk, bike or take public transport whenever possible

*Based on an average 10 km commute per day

1.    Avoid using cars for short journeys – walk or cycle, improve your health, save money, and protect the environment.
2.    Use public transport for longer journeys as often as possible.
3.    Air conditioning and on board electrical devices increase fuel consumption – only use them when truly necessary.
4.    Drive gently – speedy starts and sudden stops increase fuel consumption. Use higher gears when traffic conditions allow.
5.    Be considerate of those around you - reduce the volume of your car stereo or close your car window in residential areas and avoid unnecessary use your horn or revving your engine.
6.    Car pooling – go shopping with friends or neighbors, take a colleague to work.
7.    Care for your vehicle – check tuning, tyre pressure, brakes and fuel consumption – regular servicing helps keep your car efficient and saves fuel.

Walk, bike or take public transport whenever possible