Who is Who

Dr. Prahlad Thapa

Country Representative

 Dr. Prahlad Kumar Thapa joined IUCN as the Country Representative, IUCN Nepal from 04 Jan 2016.

Dr. Thapa will represent IUCN’s Nepal Programme, working with the membership – both governmental and non-governmental – and with other appropriate partners. In his role as Country Representative, he also has responsibility for the management and development of IUCN’s Programme in Nepal, and reports to the Regional Director, Asia.

Dr. Thapa is a Nepali National who brings IUCN more than 30 years of diversified experience in the areas of project management, development, gender awareness, research, consulting and higher education. In addition to previously serving with IUCN on several occasions, Dr. Thapa’s work history also includes organizations such as WWF, NARMA Consultancy, CARE, Foundation Nepal and CECI, to name a few.

He holds a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry from Govinda Ballav Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, India, a Masters of Science in Agricultural Economics from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia and a Doctorate in Agricultural Economics from University of the Philippines.

Email: prahlad.thapa@iucn.org

Dr. Yam Malla
Country Representative, IUCN Nepal

Dr. Yam Bahadur Malla

Senior Advisor

Dr. Yam Bahadur Malla served IUCN as the Country Representative for IUCN Nepal Country Office, Kathmandu, Nepal  from 01 October 2011 to 31 January 2016. From 01 February 2016, Dr. Malla switched in his new role as Senior Advisor to the Nepal Country Office. 

He has some 35 years experience of working in environment and development fields in countries of Asia, Europe and Africa. His past experiences include being the Executive Director of RECOFTC – the Center for People and Forests, a Bangkok-based international organization for nine years and as a Lecturer and Director of Masters programme in Participatory forest Management and Extension in the University of Reading, UK for 8 years.

His articles on forestry, environment and development issues have been widely published in various journals and he holds a degree in Science (India), a Diploma in Forestry (UK), Masters in Agriculture Extension (UK) and PhD in Social Forestry (Australia).

 Email: yam.malla@iucn.org

Rajendra Khanal
Programme Coordinator

Rajendra Khanal

Program Coordinator

Mr. Rajendra Khanal joined IUCN on 24th April 2001 as a Project Manager and was promoted to Project Coordinator on 1st January 2010. He is primarily responsible now for overall fundraising, donor intelligence, network and PR with state’s ministries/departments, bilateral, and non-governmental agencies. Guiding in-house sub-ordinates, coordinating projects being implementing by the organisation, and reporting to ARO, and headquarters in regards to project progresses accordingly. He is also responsible to coordinate with commission and institutional members of IUCN Nepal, its national and local level partners, rapport building with the like minded institutions of both government and non-government.

Mr. Khanal holds B Sc Ag. In 1980 from IAAS, Nepal, a Master Degree in Seed Technology, from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1989 and also holds Master Degree in Sociology from the Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He secured numbers of trainings on proposal/concept paper writing, economic development, eco-tourism, climate change and adaptation/mitigation, stress management, gender, social inclusions and equity, and so forth. Mr Khanal has produced around 50 papers (technical, occasional, working), articles, books, in agriculture, forestry, conservation, PES, wetlands, IPM/FFS, seed technology, eco-tourism, watershed management and so forth.

Before joining IUCN N, Mr. Khanal worked as the Team Leader/Consultant for Livelihoods Research for Mid-western Region of Nepal for Concern Worldwide (Irish INGO), where he used Livelihoods framework of DFID and identified the areas to be focus in biodiversity conservation; economic, social, natural, human and physical interventions, environmental issues and livelihoods related programme (agriculture, forestry, on/off farm, livestock, biodiversity conservation so on) for poor, vulnerable and socially excluded groups. During his career he worked as Agriculture and Economic Development Advisor followed by Programme Manager in CARE International in Nepal; Programme Coordinator in SNV Nepal (Dutch), Chief Agriculture and Plant Protection Division in Pakhribas Agricultural Centre (funded by ODA/UK), and also carried out numbers of consultancies in Actionaid Nepal, FAO, CARE, NEPAN and so forth. He started his career from the Department of Agriculture, the Government of Nepal in 1980.

Mr. Khanal is member of Agriculture/Horticulture societies of Nepal, NTFP network, biodiversity network, Edinburgh University, Advisor of TITAN/IPM Nepal, Member of LI-BIRD, Nepal Red Cross Society, and many journals and institutions.

Email: rajendra.khanal@iucn.org

Bharati Sharma

Bharati Sharma

Manager, Human Resources, Administration, Membership and Constituency

Ms. Sharma is working as a Manager of Human Resources, Administration,Membership and Constituency .

Email: bharati.sharma@iucn.org

Anu Adhikari
Programme Officer

Anu Adhikari

Programme Officer

Anu Adhikari joined IUCN Nepal from August 2008 as a Programme Officer. She is responsible for promoting Social Equity and Inclusion in Natural Resource Management. She is also supporting the development, resourcing and implementation of governance and equity plans. She is also accountablefor planning and implementation of project activities related to gender and social inclusion and climate change. 

Previously she has worked as a Socio-economist in LI-BIRD Nepal. She was responsible for planning and implementation of project activities (related marketing, economic development, gender and social inclusion and Participatory Technology Development), monitoring and evaluation of different projects. Her duties also involved reporting, publication and dissemination of project findings.

She has also worked as Lecturer in Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science teaching B. Sc Agriculture, Agriculture Economics. Before that she was also involved with Hill Agriculture Research Project as Project Leader to study Vegetable Marketing Practices. She was also associated with Irrigation Management System Study Group as a Research Assistant and supported in baseline information collection and data management.

She has done her Masters’ in Agricultural Economics from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science and and her bacehlor’s from same institution specializing in Agriculture Economics.

She secured number of trainings on Monitoring and Evaluation of the program, Climate Change and Adaptation, Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), Social Analysis System (SAS), Gender analysis, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Proposal Writing, Advanced technical writing, Institutional development, Community Empowerment, Leadership development, Marketing information management, Land use and eco health etc.

She was also involved as consultants to provide technical input as socioeconomist, gender and social inclusion specialist in various research projects for Integrated Research and Development Services (IRDS), Concern World Wide Nepal (CWW/N), Kathmandu, Livelihood Forestry Programme (LFP), Kathmandu etc.

Email: anu.adhikari@iucn.org 

Racchya Shah
Programme Officer

Racchya Shah

Programme Officer

Racchya Shah joined IUCN Nepal from 16th of September, 2010 as Programme Officer. She has been supporting in Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, Biodiversity and Ecosystem based Adaptation.

Previously she has worked as Food Sovereignty Advisor in United Mission to Nepal where she was responsible in conceptualizing, developing as well as mentoring and guiding food sovereignty projects including projects related with impact of climate change on food security.

She has also worked as a Research Officer in LI-BIRD, Nepal where she was responsible for supporting the different phases of project planning and implementation especially in data management. In addition she has supported in publication and documentation of various project findings.

Prior to that, she was involved as training co-ordinator in Kathmandu Training Center. As a coordinator she was responsible for conducting training need assessment, planning as well as conducting trainings for agriculture, agro-forestry, agro-biodiversity and social mobilization.

She has done her Master’s in Regional Planning from University of Dortmund, Germany and University of Philippines, Philippines, focusing in agriculture and environment planning in rural areas. She has done her bachelor’s in agriculture economics from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science.

She secured number of trainings on proposal/concept paper writing, economic development, and advocacy so on and so forth.


Amit Poudyal
Communication and Outreach Officer

Amit Poudyal

Communication and Outreach Officer

Mr. Amit Poudyal has joined IUCN Nepal from  April, 2012 as Communication and Outreach officer. He brings along with him the working experience of more than 8 years in broadcast, print and online media. He has also worked with different private sector media organizations where he got pleasant experiences of all wings of media. His strong background in designing and communication has added significance for the role of communication and outreach activities in IUCN. Moreover, his expertise and creativity in photography will be assets. He hold a Master Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism.

Amit has been also actively involved in teaching in colleges to flow his expertise. Likewise, he was also involved as media consultant to provide technical input for different organizations. He has produced a wide range of communications materials, video documentary, publications, radio programs and organized many different events and campaigns.

The committed interest on social works has made Amit, a member for non-profit organizations like Himrights, Nepal Puja Pratisthan, Nepal Sports Foundation and few professional networks.

Email: amit.poudyal@iucn.org