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A fishing family makes their way through the Sundarbans mangrove forest

A fishing family makes their way through the Sundarbans mangrove forest

Photo: Pradeep Vyas

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) is a partnership-based initiative promoting investment in coastal ecosystems for sustainable development. MFF provides a collaborative platform to help countries, sectors and agencies in the MFF region tackle the growing challenges to coastal sustainability.

MFF has adopted mangroves as its flagship ecosystem in recognition of the important role that mangrove forests played in reducing the impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, and the severe effect on coastal livelihoods caused by the loss and degradation of mangroves. However MFF embraces all coastal ecosystems, including coral reefs, estuaries, lagoons, wetlands, beaches and seagrass beds.

This inclusive approach reflects the ecosystem-based, or “reef to ridge”, management approach that MFF brings to the rehabilitation and stewardship of coastal resources. Coastal ecosystems, and the well-being of their inhabitants, are influenced not just by activities carried out in the coastal zone, but also by those happening further inland. Using the reef to ridge approach, MFF helps coastal managers and communities to adopt and benefit from more integrated management of coastal resources and the ecosystem processes that support them.

Now in its third phase, MFF continues to work towards achieving the vision of a healthier, more prosperous and secure future for all coastal communities.

The mission of MFF is to promote healthy coastal ecosystems through a partnership-based, people-focused, policy-relevant and investment-orientated approach, which builds and applies knowledge, empowers communities and other stakeholders, enhances governance, secures livelihoods, and increases resilience to natural hazards and climate change

India has been a part of the Mangroves for the Future regional initiative since 2006. Our programme is guided by the National Strategy and Action Plan with a primary focus on research, livelihood security, learnings for policy interventions and knowledge dissemination. MFF India actively works with private sector in environmentally sustainable business practices and coastal area development, in addition to continuing our work at a national level, MFF India will play a vital role in future studies/initiatives that develop our capactiy to manage coastal ecosystems from a regional approach.

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