Biogas cook stove in use

Adapting to Climate Change in the Himalayas


24 Sep 2012 | Article

MFF India small grantees

MFF India Small Grants Review

The small grant mid-term review is a useful mechanism through which the progress of projects is evaluated and reviewed by the MFF Secretariat, NCB members and MFF partners.  

21 Sep 2012 | News story
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Coastal Sustainability: Learnings from MFF India Projects

Coastal Sustainability: Learnings from MFF India

Many of us will never have to stand at lands end, watching the incoming tide, and wonder how to feed and protect our families. But more than 20 million people in India, living along its coasts and depending on a delicate balance between ocean and land ecologies, are doing exactly that today   

20 Sep 2012 | News story
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Dhamra Port Jetty

IUCN India requires consultants to document best practices of environmental management in Dhamra Port, India

IUCN announces project based opportunities for consultants to carry out written and audio visual documentation of key achievements of environmental management of the IUCN – Dhamra Port collaboration

07 Sep 2012 | News story
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Ashok Khosla at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

Momentum for change

IUCN’s outgoing President, Ashok Khosla, reflects on his achievements during a four-year term leading the world’s biggest environmental organisation. …  

22 Aug 2012 | Article

Joint Secretaries for Fisheries of India & Bangladesh meet in Kolkata to discuss sustainable management of the Hilsa

Joint Secretaries for Fisheries of India & Bangladesh meet in Kolkata to discuss sustainable management of the Hilsa

Kolkata, India, 26 July 2012 (IUCN): Ecosystems for Life, an initiative of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) undertook joint research and trans-boundary dialogue on sustainable management and conservation of the Hilsa through a policy dialogue in Kolkata on 24 July. …  

07 Aug 2012 | Article

Bornean Orang-utan

IUCN invests in rainforest rehabilitation to offset Congress footprint

To help compensate for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the 2012 World Conservation Congress in Jeju, IUCN has selected a credible, sustainable project for effective offsetting. The project is Infapro, by Face the Future, and is based on improved forest management in Borneo. …  

03 Aug 2012 | News story

Participants at the Trans-boundary Policy Dialogue on Hilsa

IUCN Trans-boundary Policy Dialogue Recommends Joint Action by Bangladesh and India for Sustainable Hilsa Fisheries Management

Kolkata, Tuesday, 24 July 2012 (IUCN): After a day of inspiring and engaging discussions, the International Trans-boundary Policy Dialogue on Hilsa Fisheries Management between Bangladesh and India successfully concluded an elaborate set of policy recommendations to conserve the Hilsa fisheries. There was wide agreement by the stakeholders present on the dialogue’s recommendations, which are included in a draft plan of action submitted to the governments in both countries for their consideration and adoption. The recommendations include the proposal for an annual ban on Hilsa fishing during the same period of the year in both countries to protect the juvenile and brood fish. A thorough stock assessment of marine and freshwater Hilsa at regular intervals using a common methodology was identified as an important need.  …  

25 Jul 2012 | Article

Go4BioDiv, an International Youth Forum, will be held in parallel to CBD COP 11 in Hyderbad, October 2012.

Go4BioDiv India International Youth Forum

The Sundarbans in West Bengal, one of India's most unique marine landscapes and a UNESCO World Heritage site, will play host to Go4BioDiv, an International Youth Forum held in parallele to the Conference of Parties of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD COP), to be hel between the 6th and 19th of October 2012. 

14 May 2012 | News story
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Bengal Tiger being Released into the wild from a boat in the Sundarbans
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