Primary Rainforest in central Reunion island

Leaders define pathway to restoring 150 million hectares of lost forests

A core commitment to restore 150 million hectares of lost forests and degraded lands worldwide by 2020 is launched today at a ministerial conference in Bonn. New analysis by IUCN estimates that restoring 150 million hectares would be worth US$ 85 billion per year to national and global economies. …  

02 Sep 2011 | International news release

Annual report 2010

The nature of progress

How is IUCN helping us move towards a sustainable world? How are we promoting natural solutions to global challenges such as climate change and food security? IUCN’s annual report for 2010 takes a look at activities undertaken, and progress made towards our conservation objectives. …  

01 Sep 2011 | News story

UPU Letter Writing Competition Winners

Young writers' forest letter contest - Barbados and China win!

A Great Oak in Guyana’s Windsor Forest and an observant little tree ‘prepared to care for humanity’ helped 15-year-old Charlée Gittens from Barbados and 13-year-old Wang Sa from China to win gold medals in the Universal Postal Union’s 40th International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People. …  

19 Aug 2011 | News story

Members of the IUCN Council. February 2009.

Call for nominations for Council positions to be elected at 2012 Congress

IUCN’s Members and Commission members are called on to participate in the governance of the Union and contribute to the election process for the next IUCN Council 2012-2016. …   | French | Spanish

12 Aug 2011 | News story

Dave Reynolds

US National Park Service and International Union for the Conservation of Nature Join Efforts to Support Parks and Protected Areas Around the World

The National Park Service (NPS) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) have established a partnership to support protected areas and national parks around the world. The first partnership action is the assigning of Mr. David Reynolds, the NPS Northeast Region Chief of Natural Resources and Science, to IUCN’s Global Protected Areas Programme for three and a half years to manage the organization’s Protected Area Capacity Development Programme. This will include working with other organizations to develop globally recognized professional standards for park rangers, managers and park system executives. …  

11 Aug 2011 | International news release

IUCN KM Report

Knowledge Management in the IUCN Asia Region Programme

A knowledge management study was undertaken in the IUCN Asia Region to review the knowledge management needs and practices to help deliver the Asia Region Programme. A full report and action plan have been developed based on the surveys undertaken in October – November 2010.  …  

03 Aug 2011 | Article

Miyun County, Beijing China

Saving Beijing’s water, people and nature

The Miyun Reservoir in China, which has a significant forest cover, provides the main source of drinking water for the 17 million residents of Beijing - a city that faces a serious water crisis. But today, the watershed is unhealthy and fails to address the needs of those who depend on it. IUCN aims to restore it and improve local people’s lives by, paradoxically, lifting the logging ban in the area. …  

02 Aug 2011 | News story

International Symposium on Climate Change and Forest Biodiversity Conservation

In order to promote the exchange of scientific information on climate change and forest biodiversity conservation, the Center for Tropical Forest Science (CTFS), Smithsonian Institution and the Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences will hold an international symposium from July 27 to July 28, 2011 in Beijing, China. The symposium will cover recent advances in dynamics, maintenance mechanism and conservation strategies of forest biodiversity in the background of climate change. Scientists in this research field are welcome to attend. This event is organized by a member of IUCN.  …  

12 Jul 2011 | Event

Applications for 2011 SEED Awards Now Open

   Applications for 2011 SEED Awards Now Open …   | Chinese

08 Jul 2011 | Article

Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii)

Increased protection urgently needed for tunas

For the first time, all species of scombrids (tunas, bonitos, mackerels and Spanish mackerels) and billfishes (swordfish and marlins) have been assessed for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Of the 61 known species, seven are classified in a threatened category, being at serious risk of extinction. Four species are listed as Near Threatened and nearly two-thirds have been placed in the Least Concern category. …   | French | Spanish

07 Jul 2011 | International news release