Buzzard, Qinghai Province, China

IUCN is a global union of members devoted to balancing human needs with conservation objectives. IUCN strives to assist China to further develop the capacity of state, civil society and private sector actors alike – and to build Chinese capacity to assume a leadership role in global conservation.

Participants of the “The Squirrel School” project  remove invasive species at Yangshan Wetland.

Guided eco-tours in Hainan: Giving hope to an unprotected wetland

Home to diverse aquatic fauna, the Yangshan wetland is considered to be one of the most valuable ecosystems in Hainan Island, China. Unfortunately, in recent years, the wetland is coming under threat from pollution, landfills, construction projects and alien invasive species. To tackle this problem, local conservation company Hainan Gao11 Culture Transmission Ltd (HG11) is implementing "The Squirrel School" project, an initiative that raises awareness about the abundant fauna and flora in Yangshan wetland and the need to protect it.  …  

03 Feb 2016 | Article

Ink painting and scroll of Mount Huangshan by Shitao in 1670

China and Europe connect through Green list success

In December, delegates from China’s protected areas sector, including Government, academia and civil society, visited Green List protected areas in Europe. The delegation included members of the China Association of National Parks and Scenic Sites (CANPSS), and visited French protected areas. The team equally met with the France IUCN Committee and Green List Expert Group, hosted by France Green List Chair, Jean-Philippe Siblet of the French Museum of Natural History in Paris, before a tour of Gran Paradiso National Park in Northern Italy, hosted by the Park Management Authority and the IUCN Italian Committee.  …  

13 Jan 2016 | Article

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Water Salon Insights I

Water and Hydropower Development in China  | French

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Scenic Spot of Longwanqun National Forest Park, Jilin, China

Call for participants: Protected Areas Law Teachers and Trainers Workshop

IUCN, in cooperation with the Research Institute of Environmental Law at Wuhan University, is offering a workshop for teachers and trainers in the Asian region. …  

24 Sep 2015 | Article

IUCN President Zhang Xinsheng at the 6th Asia Regional Conservation Forum

IUCN President calls on countries for a renewed commitment to forests

In the UN Association-UK's recent ‪Climate2020‬ publication, IUCN President Xinsheng makes a strong case for forest conservation and restoration as a key part of the climate change solution.  …  

28 Aug 2015 | Article

6th IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum

IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum opens with strong commitments to build solutions

IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum starts today with strong multi-sectoral commitment to build solutions to Asia’s most urgent environment challenges. …  

10 Aug 2015 | Article

SOS - Save Our Species, Manis javanica, Sunda Pangolin, Dan Challender

SOS and Fondation Segré announce new International Pangolin Conservation Initiative

This week, as the world’s first ever Pangolin Range States workshop takes place in Da Nang Province, Vietnam, SOS and Fondation Segré are delighted to announce a two-year international Pangolin Conservation Initiative taking place in Cameroon, Thailand and China. …  

26 Jun 2015 | News story


On the verge of extinction: A look at endangered species in the Indo-Burma Hotspot

The Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot, which covers Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam, and parts of southern China, is one of the most biologically rich − and highly threatened − places on the globe. …  

16 Jun 2015 | Article

SOS - Save OUr Species, FFI, Abies Firs, 2013A-052

Surveys funded by SOS lead to an increase of the known population of Yuanbaoshan firs

The known population size of the Critically Endangered Yuanbaoshan fir (Abies yuanbaoshanensis) more than doubled following extensive surveys in Yuanbaoshan National Nature Reserve (NNR), China in 2014. IUCN Member, Fauna & Flora International’s Xiaoya Li explains what this discovery means and how it will influence their conservation.   …  

17 Apr 2015 | News story

Asia Review 2013-2014

IUCN in Asia: delivering change through partnerships

IUCN Asia Review 2013-2014 is now available for download. In this issue we focus on the many partnerships we embarked on in the past two years, working together for people and nature in order to deliver positive change for the environment. …  

23 Feb 2015 | Article