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However, IUCN initially re-opening its Liaison Project Office through and housed with UNESCO in 1992 and later on have its own Project Office in Phnom Penh till now.

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Indo-Burma Biodiversity hotspot

IUCN and CEPF Launch New Funding for Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot

Bangkok,19 August 2013 – IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) have launched a $10.4 million, five-year investment in the conservation of the globally important biodiversity found in the Indo-Burma region. …  

19 Aug 2013 | International news release
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The Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve included the three core areas—Boeung Tonle Chhmar, Stung Sen and Prek Toal—comprise the most important inland wetland in Southeast Asia, both for biodiversity conservation and livelihoods based on harvesting of fishery resources.

Call for Letters of Inquiry: Indo-Burma Hotspot

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) is designed to safeguard Earth’s biologically richest and most threatened regions, known as biodiversity hotspots. CEPF is a joint initiative of l’Agence Française de Développement, Conservation International, the European Union, the Global Environment Facility, the Government of Japan, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the World Bank. A fundamental goal is to ensure civil society is engaged in biodiversity conservation. …  

29 Jul 2013 | Article
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Mangrove forest in Koh Kong

Cambodia prepares to join Mangroves For the Future as tenth member country

Following the approval of its National Strategy and Action Plan in June, Cambodia is expected to join MFF as the tenth member country within 2013. Cambodia started its work in 2010 as an MFF “Outreach Country” in meeting the three main requirements to be considered for full country membership.  …  

29 Jul 2013 | Article
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Mekong river in Xayabouri Province

MWD Evaluating Progress and Charting the Way Forward

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam: On 12 June 2013, the Mekong Water Dialogues (MWD) Project Steering Committee Meeting was held in Ho Chi Minh City. The aim was to discuss and evaluate the progress of the MWD project and to exchange ideas and experiences in a Southeast Asian context. …  

17 Jul 2013 | Article

Petchrung Sukpong and Louis Bourne, IUCN's Building Coastal Resilience (BCR) Seagrass survey team.

Talk to the seagrass surveyors

From May to June 2013, Ms Petchrung Sukpong and Mr Louis Bourne were part of the IUCN team surveying seagrass in Kampot province, Cambodia. Ms Sukpong hails from Hua Hin in Thailand, and studied environmental planning for her Master’s degree. Specialising in coastal management, she developed this academic interest whilst working on coral reef rehabilitation in Phuket. She later joined IUCN’s Thailand programme to provide technical support for marine and coastal conservation. Her colleague, Mr Bourne, is a British-Thai resident of Chiang Mai in Thailand. After living in numerous countries across the world, he went on to pursue marine biology at Newcastle University in the UK. Together, they conducted fieldwork and compiled results, with the support of their team representing Department of Environment (DoE) and Department of Fisheries Administration (FiA) on the field and IUCN colleagues.  …  

10 Jul 2013 | Article
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Sovann Morm, Head of Community Fisheries Coalition in Beoung Chhmar Ramsar Site

Fisheries Conservation expected to improve fishers’ livelihood

Through the Prime Minister's Sub-Decree 37, all commercial fishing lots around Tonle Sap Lake were abolished in favour of community fishing and fish conservation. Local fishers can now catch more fish and have access to fishing grounds that were previously off limits. Mr. Sovann Morm, Head of Community Fisheries Coalition in Beoung Chhmar Ramsar Site, bore testimony on 21 June 2013 to the fact that sustainable fisheries resources management will improve local livelihood around Tonle Sap.  …  

10 Jul 2013 | Article
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Plov Touk Commune: discussion on site selection

Integrated key stakeholders’ opinion for selection of community fisheries conservation zones and setting a priority action plan

 A five-day field visit and meeting were conducted by IUCN and the Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT) from 19 to 21 June 2013 in order to understand the real situation on the ground, and to identify sites for fisheries conservation for effective implementation of the EU-Non State Actors project (EU-NSA).  …  

10 Jul 2013 | Article
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The event was presided over by H.E Yea Saut

Balancing conservation and development of Kampot Province through the Coastal Use Zoning approach

Kampot Province, 25 June 2013 - IUCN Cambodia cooperated with the Kampot Provincial Hall to organize an inception workshop on Coastal Use Zoning at the Kampot Diamond Hotel. This aimed to discuss the process and strategy for Kampot Coastal Use Zoning with consideration of the seargrass survey results. …  

09 Jul 2013 | Article
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Participatory Dolphin Survey meeting

Participatory Dolphin Survey for Koh Kong Province

Koh Kong Province, 06 July 2013 –The meeting in preparation for the dolphin survey brought together dolphin experts from IUCN Thailand and IUCN Cambodia as well as all relevant stakeholders from Cambodia such as the Fisheries Administrative, the Department of Environment, and community members to meet and share survey techniques and methodologies. This survey will also collaborate with Dr Brian Smith, who is the Director of the World Conservation Society’s Asian Freshwater and Coastal Cetacean Programme. …  

09 Jul 2013 | Article
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IUCN training on climate change for Thai PBS as part of the MOU and BCR project.

IUCN and SDF brought Thai PBS team to learn about climate change in community level

BANGKOK — A group of producers, news reporters, production teams, academic researchers and trainers pertaining to the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) rendezvoused to East Thailand and Coastal Cambodia to learn about villagers’ climate change related problems on 22-26 April. …  

30 Jun 2013 | Article
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Wetlands conservation and its importance to livelihoods in Boeung Chhmar Ramsar site

Documentary of the wetlands conservation and its importance to livelihoods in Boeung Chhmar Ramsar site, Camodia.

Inception Workshop on Coastal Use Zoning

News reported by KTV and SEAV aired on 27 June 2013

Seagrass in Cambodia and its importances

 News reported by CNC

Kompot’s the largest Seagrass area in Southeast Asia

News reported by Cambodian News Cahnnel (CNC) TV, aired on 16 May 2013.

Climate change impacts on Koh Kapik Community

News reported by Cambodian News Channel (CNC), aired on 30 April  2013

Workshop on Climate Change Impacts to Coastal Communities in Cambodia and Thailand

 News Reported by Cambodian News Channel (CNC), aired on 25  April 2013

World Wetladay Event, Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary, Koh Kong, Cambodia

World Wetland Day event conducted in Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary, Koh Kong provine, Cambodia on 23-24 February 2013.

Building Coastal Resilience Forum

Evaronment news: from CTN (Cambodia Television Network) station. About first annual forum on Building Coastal Resilience in Viet Nam, Cabodia and Thialand, 28, February - 2 March 2012, Chanthaburi, Thailand

Consultative Workshop On Management Planning for Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary in Koh Kong

News reported by Apsaranet TV, Aired on November 25, 2012

CTV9 Banteay Meanchey Report on Climate Change
Cambodia Television Network

Evaronment news: from CTN (Cambodia Television Network) station. On Climate Change during 3-5 October 2011 of IUCN 's project sites in Koh Kong province.

Strengthen Capacity of Community Fisheries in three sites around Tone Sap

 Aired on 27 August 2013 by CNC