One Stop Service - Phase 1

Boidda planting

One stop service: facilitating conservation of medicinal plant and traditional health service to ethnic communities of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Bangladesh

IUCN Bangladesh Country Office, in collaboration with Bolipara Nari Kalyan Somity (BNKS), a member organization of IUCN, has been implementing the ‘One Stop Service Project’ with financial support from Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF) starting in the late June 2008.

 The goal of the project is to contribute to the conservation of medicinal plants and associated traditional knowledge through promotion of indigenous herbal healing practices among ethnic communities living in Bolipara Union of Bandarban District of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region.

Specific Objectives:
To protect traditional knowledge (TK) related to medicinal plants through documentation
To facilitate ex situ conservation of medicinal plants and ensure adequate supply for local community and traditional healers.
To provide an interface between traditional healers (boiddo) and local communities
The project sites include five villages of Bolipara Union of Thanchi Upazila under the Bandarban Hill District of Bangladesh and lies in the southern-eastern hilly part of the country. The villages are i) Bolipara, ii) Ailmara para, iii) Dakchhoi para, iv) Kechu para, and v) Krong kheong para. 
Local boiddo, bhantees and communities of five villages of Bolipara union under Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district are the primary stakeholders of the project.
Major Outputs:
Electronic database on TK associated with medicinal plants of the locality established
Ex situ conservation sites around the BNKS Health Center and selected Buddhist temples established
One boiddo equipped to provide primary healthcare from the BNKS Health Center
Planned Activities:
Documentation of traditional and specialized knowledge related to medicinal plants of the project site 
Conduct secondary literature and questionnaire survey 
Organize local level consultation meetings and Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) 
Establish an electronic database on medicinal plants and associated TK
Establishment and maintenance of ex situ conservation sites of native medicinal plants around the Center and Buddhist temples 
Trained and support local nursery growers
Establish a demonstration plot in the Healthcare Center 
Establish ex situ conservation sites in Buddhist temples
Provide an interface between traditional healers (boiddo) and local communities
Equip the selected boiddo with necessary, space, tools and equipments
Conduct necessary campaign on the new service 
Health service provided by boiddo to the community
Timeframe: May 2008 - April 2009.
Project Status: Completed
For more information, please contact: 
Md. Abdul Motaleb

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