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Global Invasive Species Coordinator

Geoffrey HOWARD
Nairobi, Kenya

Geoffrey Howard is primarily an ecologist and conservationist with experience in general zoology, entomology, parasitology, invasive species, forestry, vegetation, wetland and water management; presently working for IUCN, The International Union for Conservation of Nature, in the Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. GH has extensive teaching experience at secondary, tertiary and in-service levels and a research history that involves plant and animal ecology, wildlife, river basin management, invasive species management and wetland conservation - in Eastern and Southern Africa, South-East Asia and Australia. He has worked for IUCN since January, 1991.

At present Dr Howard is IUCN’s Global Coordinator for Invasive Species as a staff member of the Global Species Programme, based in Eastern Africa. This entails working on invasive species across IUCN’s global, regional and Commission programmes, acting as one of its representatives on the Board of the Global Invasive Species Programme and a member of the GISP technical and management team.

His aim is to spread widely in developing countries the urgency to prevent and manage the global threat of biological invasions and by doing so to conserve all types of biodiversity. He also continues to emphasise the need for IUCN to understand and champion the role of species and ecosystems as pivotal to human life and as precious components of everyone’s environment.