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October 2012
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Hyderabad outcomes

IUCN attended the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP11) with an active delegation comprising IUCN Councillors, Commission members, representatives of IUCN National Committees of IUCN Members and staff from the globally distributed Secretariat. 
Parties met in Hyderabad to evaluate progress towards the implementation of decisions taken at the Nagoya Biodiversity Summit in 2010, including the 2020 Aichi Targets to save and restore nature. The meeting saw good examples of concrete conservation action and a strong focus on turning the decisions taken in Nagoya into action on the ground. Some key issues were agreed in Hyderabad, such as the recognition of marine ecologically and biologically significant areas, including those in the international waters, which should largely increase their chances to be protected under international law. Learn more about this important step for the global ocean commons here.
IUCN continues to urge that efforts to conserve nature be urgently scaled up if we want to meet the 2020 deadline to save all life on earth, and IUCN’s new President, Zhang Xinsheng, underlined the need for new sources of funds to conserve nature, such as the private sector, and stressed the importance of including the protection of the natural environment in national development policies.

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Juvenile elephants, Kaziranga National Park, India


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Clown fish in Moorea, French Polynesia

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Vervet monkey in Nyamey, Niger

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