Chair’s message
Mike Murphree shares his thoughts and experience as interim chair of SULi during a period of unprecendented threats and dangers to the fundamental principles of sustainable use. He leaves us with his perspectives on some key and emerging issues.
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Interview with Mr Zhang Xinsheng
IUCN’s President Mr Zhang Xinsheng recently attended the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade as the head of the IUCN delegation. SULiNews had the chance to ask Mr Zhang some questions about the event and the role of IUCN and its Commissions in influencing policy, conducting research and raising awareness on the use and trade of wildlife.
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EDGE - where theory, policy and practice meet

Illegal Ivory Stocks: to burn or not to burn?
Shortly before the London Conference, the Chinese government destroyed several tons of confiscated elephant ivory. John Sellar raises some burning questions on the effectiveness of such action in practice.
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The rosewood massacre in Madagascar
Another hot potato, this time from Madagascar, where illegal harvesting and trade of rosewood has reached an enormous scale. Read more about these concerning developments and their political and socio-economic context.
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Transfrontier Conservation Areas in southern Africa: who owns the landscape?
Rod de Vletter challenges the traditional conservation paradigm of Transfrontier Conservation Areas  that effectively excludes rural communities. But how does one move from the focus on charismatic species and a pristine landscape to one on communities in a matrix of sustainable land uses without losing the original appeal of TFCAs?
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Aid on the Edge of Chaos
In this whopper of a book, Ben Ramalingan applies a complex systems lens to international aid. Reviewers Peter Moore and Robin Sharp demonstrate that his many insights equally apply to other sectors, including the adaptive management of wild living resources. “It has changed the way I see the world and I am glad to have read it.”
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Wildlife Conservation: In the Belly of the Beast
“This is a book that should be read by all who care about conservation. It contains the knowledge distilled from a lifetime of frustration spent tackling problems produced by people whose livelihood depends more on sustaining conflict rather than on sustaining wildlife.”
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London Conference agrees actions against illegal wildlife trade
The London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade resulted in the London Declaration, adopted by 41 countries and the EU. Heather Sohl reports on the commitments made to combat trafficking.
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Unravelling complexity for successful community-based natural resource management in the 21st century

Bernadette Montanari shares insights from the 1st ESRC seminar on community-based natural resource management, aimed at understanding complexity and responding to challenges.
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Reflections on raptor reunions
Early 2014 brought two meetings of those with responsibilities for conservation through use of raptors. Robert Kenward provides context and reflects on SULi engagement.
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6th Meeting of IUCN SSC Marine Conservation Sub-Committee
Despina Symons reports on IUCN’s Marine Conservation Sub-Committee’s plan of action to increase visibility of marine issues within IUCN and with its partners, and improve integration and representation on marine issues.
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