Message from the Chair
Greetings, and welcome to this inaugural edition of SULiNews. SULi is above all a network, and one of its primary functions is to connect you with others working on sustainable use and livelihoods so that as a group we can pool our expertise to contribute to IUCN’s work. I very much hope that you will find this a valuable resource. > Read Rosie's message

Picking up the doughnut and running with it
Helen Suich of the Australian National University and Oxford University Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation project interviews Kate Raworth, Senior Researcher at Oxfam GB, about her discussion paper on inclusive and sustainable economic development - and a novel way of uniting and representing social and environmental boundaries. > Read full story

Modeling for sustainability
"Are you working on a complex context of resource use, involving ecological, economic and social dynamics?" asks David Lusseau of the University of Aberdeen in an article that explores sustainability modeling and calls for expressions of interest in a new SULi Working Group. > Read more

Scales of justice tip for sawfishes
"The blindfold lady justice with sword and scales is the iconic representation of objectivity and fairness in the west. Yet, for many West Africans the sawfish is the symbol of justice." begins Nicholas Dulvy, Co-chair of the IUCN Shark Specialist, in this alarming, yet hopeful look at the state of sawfishes globally. > Read full story

Exploring the linkages between biodiversity, rural food systems and institutions within diverse landscapes
Iain Davidson-Hunt, CEESP Regional Vice-Chair: North America & the Caribbean looks at biodiversity and food systems as the International Society of Ethnobiology Congress gets underway. > Read full story

Escalation of rhino poaching in South Africa: is the trade ban approach working?
"Rhino poaching is on the rise in South Africa and threatens to undermine the country’s remarkable conservation track record, which is grounded in principles of sustainable use. Eager to maintain this success, many South African conservationists now wonder whether the rhino horn trade ban is the problem rather than the solution." Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes takes a close look at rhino poaching in South Africa. > Read full story

Cooking up a storm? Wildlife management and household food security in rural northern Laos
Laos has suffered from over-hunting and illegal trade of wildlife in recent years - will a new wildlife law help tackle the problem? Arlyne Johnson of the Wildlife Conservation Society shares her thoughts and the findings of a WCS-Lao Program pilot study on food consumption, harvesting, and nutrition. > Read full story

Can the saker falcon become a conservation classic?
Robert Kenward charts the progress of efforts to conserve the world’s second largest falcon in the face of agricultural intensification and over-harvesting. > Read full story

Establishing guiding principles on trophy hunting
Rich Harris, Deputy Chair IUCN/SSC Caprinae Specialist Group, on the rationale for and process involved in drafting IUCN's guiding principles on trophy hunting. > Read more

SSC Freshwater Fisheries SG meeting
Robin Sharp, former Chair SULi-Europe/ESUSG, attended the latest FFSG meeting earlier this month on behalf of SULi and learnt of the Barcelos fishery for cardinal tetra in the Rio Negro among other schemes. > Read the meeting report

Call for Papers: Special Issue on wildlife crime for the journal, Global Crime
The journal Global Crime, a top-ranking criminology journal, is to issue a special issue on wildlife crime. > Read more

CIC General Assembly in Cape Town
SULi's Kule Chitepo, Shane Mahoney, Brian Child, and Michael t’Sas-Rolfes participated in the International Game and Wildlife Council's 59th General Assembly this month. > Read the meeting report

West Africa in-country contacts sought for research on the trade in seahorses in the region
Project Seahorse, a partnership of the Zoological Society of London (UK) and the University of British Columbia (Canada) is seeking contacts and information on the seahorse trade in and from West Africa. > Read more

Photo: The shark lab at Bimini field station (The Bahamas) caught, tagged and released a large female smalltooth sawfish on 5th May 2012. Credit: Emily Marcus.