WCEL Specialist Group on Compliance and Enforcement

Specialist Group profile

Chair: Kenneth Markowitz

The year in review

In 2012, the WCEL Specialist Group on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement focused its activities on building new partnerships for environmental compliance and enforcement and on outreach to other IUCN commissions. The Specialist Group actively participated in the Rio+20 World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability, including providing strategic counseling and drafting of the outcomes document. The results of the World Congress directly advance the objectives of the Specialist Group by emphasizing capacity building to facilitate improved compliance promotion and enforcement of national environmental laws and support capacity building of among judges, prosecutors, legal experts, and other stakeholders. See http://www.unep.org/delc/worldcongress/

A major focus of the C&E Specialist Group in 2012 was advancing the activities of the Global Environmental Prosecutors Network, in cooperation with INECE and other partners. During the IUCN World Conservation Congress, the C&E Group Chair, Ken Markowitz, and others organized a well-attended workshop on Collaborative Responses to Environmental Crime through a Global Network of Environmental Prosecutors. The Specialist Group is also coordinating with INECE and the Organization of American States on a strategy for the implementation of capacity building programs for prosecutors in Latin America. The Specialist Group assisted with the creation of the Network of European Environmental Prosecutors and continues to provide counsel as that Network advances its activities.

In December 2012, during the Next Generation Environmental Compliance: Improving Compliance with Regulations Through Regulation Structure and Advanced Technology workshop in Washington, D.C., the C&E Group worked with the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law to forge new partnerships with academics, including social scientists, economists, and forensic scientists, and practitioners from regulatory authorities. The participants identified the best ideas and practices for innovative “next generation” compliance and enforcement strategies.