Governance: Reports, Case Studies and Publications

Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas

Synthesis papers by TILCEPA members on Biodiversity Governance by Indignenous Peoples and Local Communities

The “IUCN protected area matrix”— A tool towards effective protected area systems
One of a series of papers for a summit on the IUCN categories in Andalucia, Spain May 7-11 2007, by Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend

Community conserved areas (CCAs) and co-managed protected areas (CMPAs)—towards equitable and effective conservation in the context of global change
Report of the IUCN joint CEESP/WCPA Theme on Indigenous and Local Community, Equity and Protected Areas (TILCEPA) for the Ecosystem, Protected Areas and People (EPP) project (APRIL 2003 DRAFT), by Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend

Diversity and sustainability in community based conservation - for the UNESCO-IIPA regional workshop on Community-based Conservation, February 9-12, 1997, India, by Michel P. Pimbert (IIED) and Jules N. Pretty

Regional and country reports by TILCEPA members

Most (not all) of this work has been supported by the TILCEPA component of the Ecosystems, Protected Areas and People (EPP initiative) coordinated by Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend

 Lessons Learned in the Establishment and Management of Protected Areas, South America, by Gonzalo Oviedo

Protected Areas and Indigenous and Local Communities in Brazil, by Cláudio C. Maretti, Dec. 2002 / Jan. 2003

Equidad entre Areas Protegidas y Comunidades Locales: Reflexion desde Mesoamérica y el Caribe
ELABORADO POR CoopeSolidar, R.L.: Vivienne Solis Rivera, Patricia Madrigal Cordero, Ivannia Ayales Cruz, Marvin Fonseca Borras.

Lessons Learnt in the Establishment and Management of Protected Areas in South Asia, by Neema Pathak, with inputs from Anwarul Islam, S.U.K. Ekaratne and Altaf Hussain

Community Conserved Areas in Southeast Asia, by Maurizio Farhan Ferrari

Synthesis of Lessons Learned, Horn of Africa and Kenya, by Marco Bassi

Enhancing equity in the relationship between protected areas and indigenous and local communities in Central Africa, in the context of global change, by John Nelson & Norbert Gami

Mejorando La Equidad Entre Areas Protegidas, Mesoamerica Y El Caribe, by Vivienne Solís Rivera et al.

Co-management of natural resources in Central America: The road to "equitable distribution of the benefits of biodiversity" or another empty discourse of the technical elite?, by Hugh Govan

Lessons learned from the philosophy and practice of CBNRM in Southern Africa, by Brian Jones

Joint management of national parks in Australia, by Dermot Smyth

Devolution as a Threat to Democratic Decision-making in Forestry? Findings from Three States in India. ODI Working Paper 197;
Overseas Development Institute, London, UK by Sarin, Madhu with Neera M.Singh, Nandini Sundar and Ranu K. Bhogal, February 2003.

Les Aires du Patrimoine Communautaire
(Une nouvelle catégorie d’aires protégées, permettant aux communautés locales de gérer leur patrimoine naturel et culturel selon les principes du développement durable), JEAN LARIVIERE et SEYDINA ISSA SYLLA, courtoisie du Comité français pour l'UICN

Les parcs nationaux à la française : modèle original de l’importance des enjeux de gouvernance au sein de la catégorie II UICN, Martinez C. Petit J-M, Barthod C., Niel C.