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CEESP, the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy, is an inter-disciplinary network of professionals whose mission is to act as a source of advice on the environmental, economic, social and cultural factors that affect natural resources and biological diversity and to provide guidance and support towards effective policies and practices in environmental conservation and sustainable development.

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International conference to examine how large-scale restoration can advance sustainable development

On May 29-30th, 2014, world decision-makers, scientists, practitioners and advocates will meet in Washington, DC, to discuss the potential of large-scale ecosystem restoration to further global development goals and sustainable livelihoods.   …  

26 Feb 2014 | Event

Bees in the process of honey production, Madagascar

IPBES work begins - roll up sleeves

Almost 10 years after the launch of the idea and 5 years of intense discussions on the design, IPBES has adopted its first work plan for 2014-2018. The plan includes developing a set of assessments on pollination and food production, land degradation and invasive species aimed at providing policymakers with the tools to tackle pressing environmental challenges. …  

06 Jan 2014 | News story

Registration now open for the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014

 The IUCN World Parks Congress is the landmark global forum on protected areas held every ten years. It will be convened in Sydney, Australia 12 - 19 November 2014, with the theme “Parks, people, planet: inspiring solutions” designed to reflect and help deliver IUCN’s three Programme Areas. The World Parks Congress 2014 will articulate the vital role of protected areas in conserving nature while delivering essential ecosystem services, position protected areas within the goals of economic and community well-being in the post-2015 development agenda, and demonstrate and guide how this can be achieved in practice.  

09 Dec 2013 | Article
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Sustainable Bio-energy Policy Framework and Guidelines for Africa: Toward Energy Security and Sustainable Livelihoods

 A collaborative initiative of the African Union Commission (AUC) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the “Sustainable Bioenergy Policy Framework in Africa: Toward Energy Security and Sustainable Livelihoods” study (February 2012), which I had the rare privilege of undertaking, is designed to serve as a technical tool for promoting the sustainable development of bioenergy within the framework of NEPAD as well as global conventions that Africa is party to.


09 Dec 2013 | Article
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ELC meeting on the Natural Resources Governance Framework

In mid-August the IUCN Environmental Law Centre held a two-day meeting at their offices in Bonn.  …  

09 Dec 2013 | Article
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Latest Publications

CEESP Policy Matters 18 Cover

Policy Matters 18 - Macroeconomics Policies, Livelihoods and Sustainability- available to download

Policy Matters 18: Macroeconomic Policies, Livelihoods and Sustainability …  

11 Apr 2012 | Article

SSF Guidelines_July_2011

Directrices para la pesca sostenible de pequeña escala. Una versión en sencillo

Los representantes del Foro Mundial de Pueblos Pescadores (WFFP), el Foro Mundial de Pescadores y Trabajadores de la Pesca (WFF), el Colectivo Internacional de Apoyo al Pescador Artesanal (CIAPA) y el Comité Internacional de Planificación de las ONG/OSC para la Soberanía Alimentaria (CIP) han formado un grupo de coordinación de la sociedad civil con objeto de involucrarse en el proceso de desarrollo de directrices sobre la pesca artesanal de la FAO. …  

15 Feb 2012 | Article
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Virtuous Circles Publication

‘Virtuous circles’ can help secure food supplies and address climate change

This new e-book from IIED and IUCN CEESP may be helpful in discussions on climate friendly and socially just food and farming futures. …  

05 Dec 2011 | Downloads - publication
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Aroha Te Pareake Mead - CEESP Chair
  • Aroha Mead, New Zealand
CEESP Chair and newly appointed Deputy Chair, Richard Cellarius
  • Aroha Mead and Richard Cellarius
CEESP Newsletter - July 2013
  • Photo: CEESP