Regional Vice-Chair: Europe


Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend


Dr Borrini-Feyerabend has been active in solar physics, public health, aid policy and community initiatives for conservation and sustainable development. After a research career in physics as European Space Agency Fellow (University of Florence, Italy; Stanford University, California) she pursued studies and became engaged as researcher and teacher in public health and development subjects (University of California at Berkeley, California; National Institute of Health, Italy). In the mid 1990s she pioneered the Primary Environmental Care approach, which later became policy of the Italian Cooperation agency, UNICEF, IIED, Oxfam and was included in “A Strategy for Sustainable Living” (Caring for the Earth) - of IUCN, WWWF and UNEP. In light of his work, she was called in 1993 to develop the IUCN Social Policy Programme, which focused on both co-management and issues of community engagement in conservation.

As Head of the IUCN Social Policy Programme she assisted IUCN members and partners to develop co-management resolutions, policies and field-initiatives, developed several prised publications and assisted in policy development for the Ramsar Convention, UNICEF and other bodies. She has been a CEESP member for over 12 years and has lead the development of the structure of CEESP as it exists today, with membership active in Themes and Working Groups. For more than eight years she volunteered as Vice-Chair of both CEESP and WCPA and Chair of TGER (the CEESP Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights) and TILCEPA (the first and successful example of inter-commission work between CEESP and WCPA) As part of that, she was co-leader of the governance stream at the 2003 World Parks Congress, leader of the governance stream in the 2005 First Marine Protected Areas Congress and advisor in the development of the 2004 CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas, contributing towards a shift in conservation towards more inclusive and equitable approaches and a better recognition of the capacities and rights of indigenous peoples and local communities.

Dr. Borrini-Feyerabend has acted for many years as coordinator and convener of a variety of international events on conservation, equity and rights. She is a member of the governance body of French National Parks, member of the Scientific Committee for the Marine Protected Areas of West Africa; nominator for the Darrell Posey Fellowship for Ethnoecology and Traditional Resource Rights; President of the Paul k. Feyerabend Foundation, dedicated to supporting community solidarity in disadvantaged communities and beyond; and has been members of the Steering Committee of a variety of Regional Learning Networks on co-management of natural resources anal protected areas. As independent consultant, she works on issues of conservation, development and governance of protected areas in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. She has been for eight years the Senior Editor of the CEESP journal-- Policy Matters and a Referee for conservation journals and, since 1977, she published extensively on solar physics, public health, co-management of natural resources and conservation and equity. Her latest books are Sharing Power— Learning by Doing in Co-management of Natural Resources throughout the World and Indigenous and Local Communities, Equity and Protected Area— towards Equity and Improved Conservation. Dr. Borrini-Feyerabend works fluently in English, French, Spanish and Italian and can communicate in Portuguese.