Elizabeth Erasito, (Fiji)

CEESP Executive Officer

Elizabeth Erasito is from Rotuma, an island in the far north of Fiji. Rotuma has been politically a part of Fiji since 1881 and are a minority group in Fiji. Their culture closely resembles that of Polynesians. She is currently the Director for the National Trust of Fiji whose core function is cultural and natural heritage protection and the projects managed under her include community ecotourism and livelihoods, reserve and park management, species management and recovery, and engaging with schools and communities in conservation. Her particular passion is in protected areas and supporting the development of policies for protected areas, both at local and national level.


Elizabeth is the new Executive Officer of CEESP and will be based at the IUCN Oceania Regional Office in Suva, Fiji.


Elizabeth studied Biogeography at the University of the South Pacific and Conservation and Sustainable Tourism at the University of Greenwich in the UK. She has worked in the conservation sector since 1996, supporting community initiatives, developing awareness resources for children and schools, working as a research and projects officer, developing capacity and engaging in issues of natural and cultural heritage conservation for Fiji, and supporting the Fiji government obligations to the World Heritage and CBD conventions. She currently chairs Fiji’s Protected Areas Committee which is responsible for implementing the Programme of Works for Protected Areas (PoWPA), is the WCPA Deputy Vice-Chair Pacific, is a member of the Fiji CITIES Management Authority, the Institute of Applied Sciences Advisory Board and secretariat to the National Trust of Fiji Council.