Richard Cellarius, Ph.D. (USA)

Richard Cellarius

Financial Officer

Dr. Cellarius has a great deal of experience in environmental sciences, education, and policy. A major focus of his professional and volunteer efforts has been the application of environmental knowledge and understanding to environmental decision making. He has an undergraduate degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. He has 43 years of college and university teaching experience, and research experience in the natural sciences and environmental studies, including teaching and supervision of graduate students in ecology, ecological physiology, alternative energy sources, and environmental policy, history, and philosophy. He was Director of a Graduate Program in Environmental Studies for four years and has been a member or chair of many academic and professional committees; he also served a term as President of the Northwest Scientific Association (USA).. His professional memberships have included the American Institute of Biological Sciences, the National Association of Environmental Professionals, the Global Tomorrow Coalition, and the U.S. Association for the Club of Rome.

He is currently Interim chair, Master of Arts Program in Environmental Studies and Affiliate Faculty, Ph.D Program in Sustainability Education, Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona, U.S.A.; Emeritus Member of the Faculty, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington, U.S.A.; International Vice-President - Organizational Relations, Sierra Club.

In addition to his professional career, Dr. Cellarius has been an active volunteer for over 40 years with the Sierra Club. He was a member-elected Director for 16 years, including two years as national President and 11 years on the Executive Committee. He also served as Vice President for Research, International Vice President, and chair of the Publications and Bylaws Committees. He was a Trustee of The Sierra Club Foundation for 14 years, including two years as Treasurer.

Dr. Cellarius has been involved with IUCN since 1990 He has attended one General Assembly and three World Conservation Congresses as head of the Sierra Club delegation. He was a member of the Commission on Environmental Strategy and Planning (CESP), and he has been a member of CEESP since 2000, serving as Vice President for North America during 2004-2008. He also has been a member of the IUCN Working Group on Extractive Industries and Biodiversity (WGEIB) 2003-present, and was IUCN Co - Chair, IUCN-ICMM Advisory Committee on Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity, 2004-2006.