Catie Burlando (Italy)

Catie Burlando

CEESP Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership Advisor

Catie Burlando completed her Ph.D. at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba in 2012. A human geographer by training, she has focused her research on the relationships between protected areas and local and indigenous people, highlighting both the role of communities in moving forward community enterprises, as well as the role of non-state actors in conservation planning and policy development. She conducted undergraduate-level research in community-based tourism in Panama, and graduate level fieldwork in both South Africa and Canada. As part of her PhD research project, Catie collaborated with a land-based resource development process in northwestern Ontario focused on new commercial forestry, protected areas planning, and Unesco World Heritage Site development in an indigenous traditional territory. Catie is currently located in Northeastern Italy where she is collaborating with a Local Action Group on mountain development planning efforts within the context of Europe 2020. Catie has been a member of CEESP since 2010, and was invited to join the Steering Committee in September 2011 as the CEESP youth and intergenerational partnership advisor. In this role, Catie will continue on her efforts to support intergenerational partnerships within CEESP, including by promoting youth's participation at the World Parks Congress in 2014, and in cross-commission efforts.