Recommended reading: Psychology for a Better World

01 June 2012 | News story

This e-book is for people who believe it is worth trying to make a world in which both our species and the ecological systems we are part of can flourish. Shared by IUCN CEC Deputy Director Wendy Goldstein.

Psychology for a Better World is based on the latest research in psychology and is jam packed with action strategies. It offers new ways to think about how people interact in social settings, why we are tempted to stick with what we know, and how the same characteristics that currently keep us hooked into unsustainable practices can be used to move us forward.

The final chapter is a guide to help you analyse what you are doing to contribute towards a better world, and how you can be more effective while simultaneously increasing your personal wellbeing.

This is a beautifully written great e-book for free download by Niki Harré who is an associate professor at the University of Auckland where she has taught social and community psychology for twelve years. Her recent research projects have focused on sustainable communities and schools, positive youth development and political activism.

If you think it is useful, could you please pass the link on to people, not a copy that has been downloaded. The author would like to keep records of the downloads as an indication of the penetration of the free work.

Many thanks