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IUCN CEC is a network driving change for sustainability. More than 1,000 members volunteer their professional expertise in learning, knowledge management and strategic communication to achieve IUCN goals.



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Sell the Sizzle - The New Climate Message

The New Climate Message

A new guide explains how to develop tangible, desirable and aspirational visions of a positive low carbon future. Download "Sell the Sizzle - The New Climate Message" by Futerra. …  

16 Feb 2010 | News story

Results of survey

Survey results: CEC members want website rich in learning links

What do CEC members want from their website? Knowledge of current trends in sustainable development communication and education is “very important” as is professional updating. A  survey in December 2009 identified member priorities. …  

07 Jan 2010 | News story

Commission logo banded in gold.

CEC Annual Report 2009

This is the IUCN CEC December newsletter and our 2009 Annual Report. Highlights of the year include expanding the climate change conversation to include military experts, branding biodiversity, offering CEPA training workshops, engaging in ESD policy and practice, finding a new home for the World Conservation Institute, partnering with WCPA, exploring new ICT tools, and making the CEC structure stronger with new Regional Vice-Chairs, Specialty Group Leaders and National Activators. …  

06 Jan 2010 | News story

IUCN CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Information

Nancy Colleton is CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Information

Nancy Colleton is president of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and executive director of the Alliance for Earth Observations. She is leading the Commission's efforts to draw attention to exciting resources for data and information about our changing planet. …  

06 Jan 2010 | News story

Connecting with other Commissions, pictured here with the World Commission on Protected Areas

CEC in 2009: IUCN Collaboration and Connections

Across the diverse Commissions of IUCN, connections are being made. CEC is in a unique position to connect the Commissions because our members are skilled in building partnerships and networks, targeting audiences for message impact, influencing attitudes and changing behaviour. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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A group activity during the training course

CEC in 2009: Learning for Professional Development

CEC members are engaged in Education for Sustainable Development, children and nature, distance learning and more -- education is broadly defined in CEC. In 2009, the emerging focus was on capacity building through professional development. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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Deep-sea trawler at sunset

CEC in 2009: Intergenerational Partnership

CEC members have developed a model for collaboration, exchange of ideas and experiences, and action between people of all ages. In 2009, CEC issued a report on the Buddy Experiment, the pilot test of a model that can be applied across all IUCN Commissions, called 'Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainabililty'. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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CEC in 2009: Green Economy

Greening the world economy is an IUCN priority. CEC members ventured into this area in 2009, making their strongest contribution by way of strategic advice.

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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Orange-eyed green tree frog

CEC in 2009: Communicating Biodiversity

CEPA workshops and a host of other communication and education activities advanced the protection of biodiversity in 2009. CEC members from around the world reported on this work by submitting newsletter stories to cecnews@iucn.org. Their reports are summarized here. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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Climate Change

CEC in 2009: Learning and Communication on Climate Change

CEC members carried out a wide variety of activities related to climate change. They sent out the message via photographs, film, video, books and school materials. They shared skills through training to build professional capacity, workshops and seminars. …  

22 Dec 2009 | News story
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Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair
  • Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair

    Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair

    Photo: CEC

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