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Cheryl Charles, CEC Member

Research from the Children & Nature Network

The Children & Nature Network has set out to compile a premier set of research studies to help us understand what’s best for children’s healthy development.  From CEC Steering Committee member Cheryl Charles. …  

28 Sep 2010 | News story

Oasis, Algerie

La Biodiversité de la Steppe Algérienne

L’association Arc en Ciel, en coordination avec l’ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas en Algérie, a organisé un colloque national à Ain Sefra. Par Abdallah Khazene, membre du CEC. …  

28 Sep 2010 | News story

International conference on education, training and informatics

Two Conferences on Education Informatics and IT

Two international conferences will be held March 2011 in Florida. ICETI 2011 focuses on Education, Training and Informatics. ICSIT 2011 focuses on Society and Information Technologies. Shared by CEC member Ana Puyol. …  

26 Sep 2010 | News story

Sumarlina tracks a temperature-sensitive dragonfly as part of community efforts to keep the Brantas River clean.

Indonesian Youth are Climate-Smart Leaders

Climate-Smart Leaders is a youth programme of Yayasan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (Foundation for Sustainable Development), where CEC member Darwina Widjajanti is Director. It rewards youth for taking action to combat climate change. …  

26 Sep 2010 | News story

1-3 November 2010 in Ahmedabad

Earth Charter Conference 'Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World'

An event marking the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter starts 1 November in Ahmedabad. …  

26 Sep 2010 | News story

Vist the award website at www.volvoadventure.org

Volvo Adventure & UNEP Award for Young People's Eco-Action

UNEP and Volvo offer an international award to recognise and reward the activities of young people who are working to solve environmental problems in a practical way. The award is in its 10th year. From CEC member Wayne Talbot. …  

26 Sep 2010 | News story

I decided to share the beauty we have in our country, represented only by IPES. At this time of year is so lush that I can not imagine that these trees, which go unnoticed most of the year, cease to thrill even the less sensitive

Terra abençoada pelos ipês

 Inspired by Brazil's famous flowering tree, CEC member Suzana Padua wrote this article for the online publication O Eco. In Portuguese, with photos. …  

26 Sep 2010 | News story

CEC member Chittaranjan Baruah of India holds a box turtle

Turtle Conservation Programme Launched by CEC Young Professional

CEC member Chittaranjan Baruah, 28, is a member of the CEC Young Professionals Leadership Team. He has launched a community-based turtle conservation programme with collaborative initiatives in northeast India. …  

26 Sep 2010 | News story

"It's fantastic that a toddler can express a real bird, wind and cold, thus filling the picture with emotions," writes CEC member Nina Dobrynina.

Kids and Animals: Art Exibit at Moscow's Darwin Museum

CEC member Nina Dobrynina shares charming art by children that celebrates their connection to their animal friends. 100 pieces of art are exhibited at the Darwin Museum in Moscow. …  

26 Sep 2010 | News story

Sundarbans Tiger Project boat going towards Sundarbans for KAP survey on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice

CEPA Strategy in Bangladesh Tiger Conservation Project

Iqbal Hussain, CEC member, shares the change behaviour approach of Sundarbans Tiger Project, a flagship project of Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh. …  

26 Sep 2010 | News story

Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair
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