Time Session Code Session Type Session Title Room
11:00-13:00 318 Workshop Integrating biodiversity into supply chains 402 A
11:00-13:00 349 Workshop Economic policies and sustainability at a time of crisis (CEESP official session) Halla A
11:00-13:00 378 Knowledge Cafe Sustainable travel and eco-tourism Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00 414 Knowledge Cafe Searching for resilience in sustainable development: Learning journeys in conservation Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
13:00-14:30 63 Poster Bottle Beach Campaign Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 123 Poster Education for sustainable China: The collective voice, wisdom and action in schools and communities Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 435 Poster Rio + xxx --> United for social and natural solutions: The International Youth Forum Go4BioDiv Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 450 Poster Overcoming biodiversity risks in energy development in Islands Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 598 Poster Hawaii´s State Museum of Cultural and Natural History: Origins and recent growth patterns Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 600 Poster Let´s talk about biodiversity - campaign to increase awareness on biodiversity and sustainable development in Poland Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 700 Poster Olle trail in Jeju Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 703 Poster Towards synergy between dugong conservation and community development: Roles of NGOs and local communities Lobby 3rd floor
14:00-18:00 125 Conservation Campus Understanding and implementing the IUCN Protected Area Management Categories Crystal Ballroom 1 - Lotte Hotel
14:30-16:30 52 Workshop What role will the implementation of TEEB play in conservation efforts? Halla A
14:30-16:30 160 Knowledge Cafe Infrastructure and biodiversity conservation projects: Sustainable responses to traditional economic growth Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 516 Knowledge Cafe Monetary justice and sustainability Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 543 Knowledge Cafe Imperative to act: Greening higher education for the next generation of sustainability leadership Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 560 Workshop Wiser discussion about ethical and responsible engagement with the private sector to promote change (CEESP official session) Room 104
14:30-16:30 835 Workshop The way forward after Rio+20: Greening the economy through collective action for sustainability  201
16:30-17:00 1101 Pavilion Event Revealing the winning design for a new Intergenerational IUCN-wide Logo A Just World Pavilion
19:00-21:00 512 Workshop Integrating ecosystem service value assessment into environmental assessment Samda Hall
19:00-21:00 658 Workshop Council workshop: "A Union working together to engage society for the future" 202
19:00-21:00 772 Workshop Towards a global learning network on ecosystem services assessment, valuation and management Halla B
19:00-21:00 792 Workshop Communicating change: How to use the power of communication to drive conservation action 201
19:00-21:00 1083 Social Event Reception: Meet your future francophone partners! Sorang Restaurant