Time Session Code Session Type Session Title Room
08:30-10:30 1197 Pavilion Event Capacity building in regional and cultural contexts: building efforts to enhance protected area management effectiveness in Asia, and with custodians in safeguarding sacred natural sites Protected Planet Pavilion
09:00-18:00 748 Conservation Campus Engaging the worldwide Red List community: Building capacity for assessing species´ extinction risk Charlotte Room - Lotte Hotel
09:00-13:00 739 Conservation Campus The art of implementation: Gender and climate change Crystal Ballroom 1 - Lotte Hotel
11:00-13:00 671 Knowledge Cafe Future pressures and opportunities for conservation introductions:  What might be moved and where, responsibly? Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00 809 Workshop Agriculture, food security and biodiversity (CEC official event) 203
11:00-13:00 984 Workshop Religious leaders: Faith, ethics and human behaviour – the role of religion and values in conservation and climate advocacy Tamna Hall
11:00-13:00 1198 Pavilion Event Capacity building and innovations in protected area management in West Africa, Mesoamerica and the Caribbean  Protected Planet Pavilion
13:00-14:30 260 Poster Building capacity for conservation of wild felids and their supporting ecosystems in China Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 310 Poster Mr. Goodfish, a sustainable seafood programme Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 447 Poster Powering the green economy: Biodiversity in energy decision making Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 466 Poster The Environmental Doomsday Clock: Survey on global environmental issues Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 527 Poster Community-based mangrove restoration in Palk Bay Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 534 Poster Transferring scientific knowledge to the field:  The USDA Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 590 Poster Best practices and lessons learned of the UNEP/GEF Siberian crane wetlands project in the Islamic Republic of Iran Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 625 Poster Beauty of Korea harmonized nature & cultural art Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 659 Poster Nature Conservation: What has China been up to? Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 693 Poster A systems approach towards energy, food and environmental security: the Biochar story Lobby 1st floor
14:00-21:00 38 Workshop World National Parks CEOs Forum Hyatt Regency Hotel
14:30-16:30 90 Knowledge Cafe Mobilizing knowledge: A regional contribution to the integrated management of wetlands in La Plata River Basin Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 185 Workshop Beyond Jargon II: The next generation of communication strategies for a sustainable world 303
14:30-16:30 323 Workshop How to develop a regional monitoring system to influence conservation and development decision making? 402
14:30-16:30 733 Knowledge Cafe Promoting a blue society: An ocean of opportunity Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 797 Workshop Restoring hope: Building capacity for ecological restoration of protected areas 401
17:00-18:30 594 Workshop An international workshop to develop key strategies for the establishment and promotion of the Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (AP-BON) at local, national, and regional levels  202
19:00-21:00 980 Workshop The connectors - the systems in ecosystems:  How can conservation benefit from collaboration between IUCN and major systems-based networks? 202
19:00-21:00 1201 Pavilion Event Launching a global partnership for capacity development Protected Planet Pavilion