Time Session Code Session Type Session Title Room
08:30-10:30 1123 Pavilion Event Launch of Best Practice Guidelines for Ecological Restoration Protected Planet Pavilion
08:30-10:30 227 Conservation Campus Getting to action: Secrets to influencing climate resilient decision making  Crystal Ballroom 3 - Lotte Hotel
09:00-13:00 352 Conservation Campus Need to raise your business partners’ awareness about biodiversity? Learn more about Business Ecosystems Training, a capacity building program for business about biodiversity and ecosystem services.  Crystal Ballroom 2 - Lotte Hotel
09:00-13:30 810 Conservation Campus Knowledge exchange in the social cloud:  New pathways for professional updating in conservation Crystal Ballroom 1 - Lotte Hotel
11:00-13:00 17 Workshop Peatland restoration: A nature-based solution to climate change 401
11:00-13:00 429 Knowledge Cafe National and local politicians facing the climate  challenge Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00 587 Knowledge Cafe Responsibility for  stewardship and resilience in climate futures Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00 740 Workshop Tools and capacity building for addressing benefits and risks of REDD+ in Asia  402
11:00-13:00 981 Workshop The inheritors: Responsible citizens for tomorrow: Transferring ownership for saving biodiversity to the next generation Tamna Hall
13:00-14:30 510 Poster Reforestation contract strategy for carbon sequestration and sustainable food security Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 622 Poster Addressing the biodiversity crisis: Lessons from climate change Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 628 Poster Maximizing local potential to achieve sustainable energy and gender equality to mitigate climate change Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 1037 Pavilion Event Voices of the North  Blue Planet Pavilion
14:30-16:30 20 Workshop From good intentions to action: National implementation on gender and climate change Halla B
14:30-16:30 490 Knowledge Cafe Creating open education resources to share nature's benefits Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 604 Knowledge Cafe China focus: Nature-based solutions to climate change Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 796 Workshop Regional sea approaches to marine conservation: The positive experience from the Mediterranean and Yellow Seas Room 104
14:30-16:30 833 Workshop Conserving ecosystems and managing costal territories to reduce the risks of natural hazard 303
14:30-16:30 1126 Pavilion Event Implementing natural solutions to climate change in North America Protected Planet Pavilion
19:00-21:00 778 Workshop Climate change adaption tools for island communities Samda Hall
19:00-21:00 795 Workshop Shaping the future of IUCN´s protected area capacity development programme (WCPA official session) Halla A
19:00-21:00 808 Workshop Marine conservation in Asia and the Pacific:  Scoping pathways for international dialogue Room 104
19:00-21:00 979 Workshop The Elders 303
19:00-21:00 1076 Social Event Reception: Linking-up local marine managers  Blue Planet Pavilion
19:00-21:00 1093 Pavilion Event CEC and CEM Awards A Just World Pavilion
19:00-21:00 1196 Pavilion Event Protected Planet report and challenge Protected Planet Pavilion