Time Session Code Session Type Session Title Room
09:00-18:00   73 Conservation Campus Conservation communication camp: Come with ideas, leave with a plan Ruby Room -
Lotte Hotel
09:00-18:00   130 Conservation Campus Upgrading Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) through national park experiences Emerald Room - Lotte Hotel
09:00-18:00   251 Conservation Campus Eco-psychology camp: Cultivating ecological and psychological resilience Crystal Ballroom 3 - Lotte Hotel
11:00-13:00   94 Knowledge Cafe How zoos, aquaria and museums can better contribute to the development of biodiversity consciousness Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00   273 Knowledge Cafe Enhancing the Northeast Asian ecological network for conservation of endangered birds and their habitat Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00   314 Knowledge Cafe Implementation of the UN Decade on Biodiversity with a focus on Southeast Asian countries Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00  373 Knowledge Cafe Creative participatory methodologies for protected areas management: New approaches and challenges Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00   746 Workshop Youth engagement and intergenerational partnership for sustainability: Toward an IUCN-wide action plan 203
11:00-13:00   799 Workshop Conserving Arctic and Antarctic marine biodiversity 402
    1163 Pavilion Event Green environmental support center's role for solving local environmental issues Jeju Pavilion
13:00-14:30   143 Poster Choosing your conservation flagship: An evidence-based approach Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30   525 Poster Community conservation of marine turtles in Benin and West Africa Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30   573 Poster The status of endangered birds and their habitat in East Asia Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30   1106 Pavilion Event IUCN Red List of Ecosystems as an input for action priority setting A Just World Pavilion
13:00-14:30   1217 Pavilion Event Governance of protected areas: From understanding to action - presentation of the resource kit Protected Planet Pavilion
14:30-16:30   156 Knowledge Cafe Contribution to a Brazilian national road map to implement the outcome of CBD COP10 Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30   224 Knowledge Cafe New directions in tropical conservation and development education and training Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30   315 Workshop Towards Mediterranean resilience: An adaptative model of governance 202
14:30-16:30   524 Workshop A plea for the conservation of cetaceans and the promotion of whale ecotourism (whale watching) in Africa 303
14:30-16:30   773 Workshop Addressing the global amphibian crisis by integrating policy, planning, and research Halla A
14:30-16:30   785 Workshop Species and ecosystem conservation: Streamlining, planning, management, and assessment of progress Halla B
14:30-16:30   983 Workshop Communications in the Dragon’s Den 401
14:30-16:30   1107 Pavilion Event What the Intergovernmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) could do for building capacities? A Just World Pavilion
14:30-16:30   1241 Pavilion Event Launch of the 10 Year strategy to protect the crown jewels of the ocean Blue Planet Pavilion