Time Session Code Session Type Session Title Room
9:00-18:00 170 Conservation Campus Next generation e-learning: How to design e-learning and blended learning programmes that are accessible, sustainable and cost effective Pearl Room - Lotte Hotel
9:00-18:00 360 Conservation Campus Integrating ecosystem services into development planning - IES. Introduction to manual and training module Crystal Ballroom 2 - Lotte Hotel
9:00-13:00 769 Conservation Campus Conserving biodiversity and sharing nature´s benefits: Virtual learning, technology, tools and species conservation  Crystal Ballroom 1 - Lotte Hotel
11:00-13:00 129 Workshop Earth Democracy and the Biosphere Ethics Initiative: Ethical arguments in biodiversity conservation (CEL official session) 203
11:00-13:00 492 Knowledge Cafe Key issues in international water law - Identifying progressive solutions from best practice Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00 548 Knowledge Cafe Culture and environment, getting people together: Experiences of bio-cultural management Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
11:00-13:00 272 Knowledge Cafe Gobernanza Marina: Reflexiones sobre conservación, derechos de acceso al mar y resiliencia social y cultural Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
13:00-14:30 258 Poster Digital empowerment for rural communities: A strategy for biodiversity conservation Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 347 Poster Integrated river basin management: The case of the Cahoacan river basin, Chiapas, Mexico Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 472 Poster Demand reduction messaging for consumption of tigers and other endangered wildlife species Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 1182 Pavilion Event Red List training - new tools available Species Pavilion
13:00-14:30 1211 Pavilion Event Protected areas: Protecting people Protected Planet Pavilion
14:00-18:00 784 Conservation Campus Young leaders for green action Crystal Ballroom 1 - Lotte Hotel
14:30-16:30 553 Knowledge Cafe Power of spirit: Sustaining watersheds through music, art and stories Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 581 Knowledge Cafe Transparency: A valuable asset in the sustainable management of marine fisheries Knowledge Cafés - Room 102
14:30-16:30 787 Workshop Approaches to enhance social and gender equity and value indigenous knowledge through integrated ecosystem-based planning Community Ma-eul - Room 101
14:30-16:30 1212 Pavilion Event Sustaining livelihoods: The children and nature connection, and launch of a report on wild flora for rural livelihoods Protected Planet Pavilion
19:00-21:00 753 Workshop Conserving and restoring coastal wetlands globally: Identifying opportunities and constraints Halla B
19:00-21:00 777 Workshop Health and ecosystems: Understanding linkages to advance public health and conservation outcomes in policy and practice 201
19:00-21:00 1039 Pavilion Event Towards a strengthened regional partnership for marine conservation in West Africa Blue Planet Pavilion
19:00-21:00 1087 Social Event Reception: Partners in conservation capacity building  Sorang Restaurant