Using art to communicate science: Launch of

02 February 2011 | News story

Join this new online community and magazine. Collaborate with visual communicators, scientists and stakeholders on science and sustainability. CEC member Neil Losin announces the launch.

We are excited to announce the launch of, an online community and magazine developed to address the growing need  for visual communicators, scientists and stakeholders to collaborate on issues of science and sustainability. Visit the web site, create an account, and start sharing and learning!

By sharing resources, facilitating discussion, and fostering collaboration, we empower our members and challenge our peers to engage with broader audiences using visual media. When art is used to communicate science, information critical for sustainable decision-making and positive change can reach and motivate broader audiences.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information, contact Neil Losin 

Neil joined CEC in November 2010 at the invitation of John Francis, CEC Regional Vice-Chair for North America and Caribbean.

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