Introducing Rod Abson, IUCN Science and Learning Officer and CEC Focal Point

29 June 2010 | News story

CEC is pleased to introduce Rod Abson, the new Science and Learning Officer and CEC focal point, based at IUCN headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. "He will make a wonderful addition to our HQ team for CEC.," says Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair.

Mr. Rod Abson has been recruited to be the Science and Learning Officer in the Science and Learning Unit of IUCN. In this role, Rod is tasked with promoting knowledge management and learning in IUCN’s Programme and also to serve as the focal point for the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC). In this capacity, Rod will work closely with Sue Mainka, Wendy Price and Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja. Rod will assume his duties on 1 July 2010.

Rod Abson has over 8 years experience working on diverse environmental issues including preventing illegal trade in wildlife across south-east Asia, developing fauna sensitive road design, community education and engagement projects. He most recently was responsible for developing a new global environmental education programme and information management systems with the world secretariat of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Rod is Australian and holds a Masters in Environmental Management (University of Tasmania), Bachelor of Arts (Nature Tourism) (La Trobe University) and Postgraduate Certificate in Development Management (Open University, UK). Rod has been involved with the IUCN since 2008 as a member of the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC).

“I am very pleased to be taking up this role in the Science and Learning Unit and to have the opportunity to work with the members of the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC). I am looking forward to getting to know the members more, to learn what their interests are and how they can best engage with the work of the CEC. I think there is great potential in the diverse membership of the CEC and many opportunities to reach out to more people to become involved with the IUCN Commissions.”

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